2021 M1 version of iPad Pro experience Unpacking and accessories

Regarding the 2021 iPad Pro equipped with the M1 processor, there are also many reviews and consumer experiences on the Internet. Generally speaking, the XDR Liquid retina (mini-LED) screen and the performance of the M1 used in the 12.9-inch screen are the most praised.

After more than a week of experience, my personal feeling is that these two advantages are very good. The 2021 iPad Pro updates are indeed surpassed. Based on our knowledge of the tablet, Apple gave the 2021 iPad Pro the hardware that should be given to professional computers. But do you need this good? It depends on how professional you are and how demanding you are.

This time I experienced the 12.9-inch 2021 iPad Pro. The 20W charger is included in the package. However, the 12.9-inch can support about 35W fast charging, and you can use a higher-power charger for daily use. Attached is also a USB-C transmission and charging cable. It is not a Thunderbolt cable. To enjoy the new interface performance of the 2021 iPad Pro, you still need to prepare your own cable

Let me answer the most basic question first. Can the smart keyboard and protective case of the 2020 iPad Pro continue to be used?
It is possible. The dimensions and openings of the 2021 iPad Pro are the same as those of the 2020 model. Although the thickness of the 12.9-inch model is increased by 0.5mm, it can still fit into the 2020 model shell. ipad pro 2021 generation

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The clever control keyboard is an accessory that has nothing to do with the thickness. Problem. This year Apple also released a set of white smart keyboards, which are very elegant. If you are afraid of getting dirty, there are protective stickers for smart keyboards sold on the Internet. You can find them by clicking on “Magic Keyboard Stickers or Films”. (Hey, the sticker is not white anymore

For example, the UAG protective case we often introduce is also. If you still use Apple Pencil and touch control, and useless typing, then this kind of stand case is quite enough. UAG, whether it is the more protective METROPOLIS series or the relatively light and refreshing U series, has a pen holder attached to the iPad Pro case, just take a look at the details

However, as soon as I pick up the new 12.9-inch iPad Pro, I can feel that it is heavier than the 2020 model. It comes to 684g, and if you add a keyboard… [Orz], it can be taken out but it is heavy

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