Tue. May 17th, 2022
Apple One integrated subscription

All subscription services integrate and offer preferential prices

At the online conference held in the early morning of today (9/16) in Taiwan time, Apple announced the new Apple Watch Series 6 and the affordable versions of the Apple Watch SE and iPad series new products, and also announced the launch of the new “Apple One” integrated Subscription service,

which fully integrates subscription services such as Apple Music, Apple Arcade, Apple TV+, iCloud, and the newly launched Apple Fitness+, and allows users to provide three different subscription plans for personal, family and honor according to their habits. Most important The user only needs to pay a monthly subscription fee to enjoy Apple’s services.

Apple One individual program 

Including Apple Music / Apple TV+ / Apple Arcade / 50GB iCloud storage space
NT$315 per month. Based

on the current cost of these four subscription services in Taiwan, Apple Music is 140 yuan per month, Apple TV+ is 170 yuan per month, and Apple Arcade is per month 170 yuan, plus 50GB iCloud cloud storage space of 30 yuan a month, you will have to pay a monthly subscription fee of 510 yuan, but if you choose the personal plan, you can save 205 NT dollars per month, and you can save NT 2,460 a year yuan.

Apple One Family program

Including Apple Music / Apple TV+ / Apple Arcade / 200GB iCloud storage space:
NT$395 per month

based on the price of the personal plan. The monthly subscription fee for 200GB iCloud storage space is NT$90, and all subscription fees need to be paid NT$570. Looking at the family plan, it can save NT$175 per month, NT$2,100 a year, and share it with up to 5 people.

Apple One Premier program 

Including Apple Music / Apple TV+ / Apple Arcade / Apple Fitness+ / Apple News+ / 2TB iCloud storage space
USD 29.95 per month (about 880 Taiwan dollars) The

final Apple One Premier plan, due to the integration of Apple Fitness+ and Apple News+ that are not currently available in Taiwan For the two subscription services, the difference in monthly subscription fees are not calculated here. I hope that these two services will be launched in Taiwan in the future. I personally want to experience the fitness services of Apple Fitness+

Let’s just look at Apple’s launch of The new Apple One integrated subscription service. From a positive point of view, users do not need to constantly receive credit card debit messages at the end of each month.

It can simplify personal billing and the single price is relatively cheap. For users, Both are quite good choices. For Apple, through the integration of subscription service content,

users can better understand and frequently use certain subscription services that are not frequently used, which may be the most popular thing Apple sees.