An article to sort out iPhone 13 rumors

iPhone 13 rumors

Entering September, the most concerning event from all walks of life is the release of the new generation of iPhone 13 rumors. As usual, no matter before and after the release, there are always rumors, outflows, and predictions that seem to have been published.

It’s time to sort them out. It’s a bit tiring to see the fact that there is an outflow. I suggest you live a normal life after reading it, and wait for it to be published.


Bloomberg reported at the beginning of the year that people familiar with the matter pointed out that Apple does not intend to make too many changes to this year’s iPhone 13 series, and even thinks that this year’s iPhone is more like a model named “S” in the past.

However, the Economic Daily reported from the supply chain that the new opportunity is named after the iPhone 13, instead of using the name 12s.

According to rumors, similar to the iPhone 12, four new iPhones are expected to be released this year, including the iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13 for affordable positioning, and the 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max for higher-end professional positioning.

The screen sizes of the iPhone 13 series are 5.4 inches and 6.1 inches, respectively, and the screen sizes of the 13 Pro are 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches, respectively.

However, there will still be various performance-related upgrades, such as processors, cameras, connectivity, power…related upgrades.


Personally, I am more surprised that the rumors still retain the relative niche product line with poor sales. If the rumors are true, then it is really good news for small mobile phone lovers. In terms of color, the i13 Pro Max will have a new rose gold recently released, as well as a new color called Sunset Gold.

iPhone 13 screen

According to Guo Mingchi’s report, the width of the front fringe of the iPhone 13 will become smaller. Combining different sources, the bangs can become smaller. One is that the speaker/earpiece originally located at the top of the screen has moved to the top of the frame.

It is also because of the redesigned TrueDepth camera module, integrated infrared light/receiver, and a smaller floodlight. Illuminator, thereby reducing the structured light module required by FaceID.  Another source from the whistleblower Jon Prosser pointed out that Apple is testing the new FaceID hardware, allowing users to wear masks or fogging glasses, they can still be identified and unlocked, but this test is still unclear.

The iPhone 13 will not be adopted so soon, or it may be imported during future updates. As for the fingerprint recognition under the iPhone screen that has been rumored but never appeared? Bloomberg once reported that Apple is still testing the fingerprint recognition function under the screen,

but rumors from various parties seem to be that the application may not be seen on the iPhone 13 because the test is not satisfactory. FaceID is still the main biometric recognition. . However, 9to5mac’s finishing thinks that there is a chance to see the face and fingerprint recognition on the iPhone 13 at the same time.

Because of the anti-epidemic relationship of masks, the demand for fingerprint identification is stronger than ever. If the iPhone 13 still does not propose a solution other than Apple Watch, will it affect you? What function will be provided with 120Hz? 

Rumors on the screen are that the iPhone 13 Pro series may support a 120Hz refresh rate screen for the first time, that is, the introduction of the existing ProMotion technology of the iPad Pro. But it is not clear whether it will be enabled in a specific App? Or smart dynamic adjustment? Or there are only two options: ON/OFF. And what features will be introduced on the new iPhone to match this technology?

two Pro models will also use low-power LTPO display technology (according to Samsung), after Apple Watch 4 The screen uses this technology, so it is expected that iPhone 13 Pro will introduce the Always-on Display “Always on Display” function. It is said that under “Always on Display” when there is a notification, the notification will be displayed instead of lighting up the whole film. Screen.

iPhone 13 camera

The iPhone 13 camera is rumored to have major changes. For example, the larger sensor and the sensor displacement stabilization function will be extended to all iPhone 13, and there is a chance to see the better low-light shooting, and the iPhone 13 Pro The sensor of the Max will be larger than the previous generation, so the cameras of the 13 Pro will be more prominent.


(However, the LiDAR scanner is still only on the Pro series) (Image source: TECH GENIUS ) The lens composition may still be the same as that of the i12. The two iPhone 13s are the main lens and ultra-wide-angle dual-lens, while the 13 Pro is the main lens and long.

Three shots with focal length and super-wide-angle. But it is rumored that the iPhone 13 Pro series ultra-wide-angle lens will increase the aperture to f1.8 (i12 Pro is f2.4), the lens group will also increase to six, support autofocus… etc., bringing better low light Shooting quality and focusing speed (maybe the ultra-wide-angle recording quality will be improved?).

However, some analysts said that the ultra-wide angle of the four iPhone 13 models will be upgraded. The highest-end iPhone 13 Pro Max may be equipped with a lens with a large aperture of f1.5, which is larger than the f1.6 of the i12PM.


(Image source: 9to5mac ) In addition, from the outgoing model machine, I saw two i13 cameras, which are arranged diagonally from the current vertical. But it is not clear whether it is because of the function or purely because of the new size of the camera module, and there is such a new space arrangement.

The latter is more likely because you can see that the iPhone 13 has a larger camera block. (Image source: MacRumors ) Therefore, it brings more video mode functions. From the perspective of large sensors, autofocus performance, comprehensive sensor displacement, and anti-shake… etc., low-light clarity and video recording should be better promoted.

The iPhone, which is increasingly emphasizing video recording, may add a portrait mode recording function to the i13 Pro series this year to shoot videos with blurred backgrounds. This is also a function developed with a LiDAR scanner. The name may be called “Cinematic Video”.

This feature has appeared in the Android mobile phone camp, but there is room for improvement in the quality of the cutout and the naturalness of the blur, and once the character or the lens position moves, the cutout will obviously not be able to keep up. It is still more suitable for shooting fixed-point talking.

Film. If the iPhone 13 really adds portrait recording, will it break through these limitations and shoot the cinematic bokeh videos we imagine? It can be seen.

It is rumored that a new function such as “image stabilization correction” (image stabilization correction) will be added. After the subject is automatically detected during recording, the focus will be maintained. It sounds like lock tracking focus, but mobile phone recording usually takes a meter away They are all within the focus range.

The more challenging thing is that when running quickly towards the lens, the whole process is clear and the focus is better. It is better to wear the depth of field… If this function is really available, let’s take a look.

There are also rumors that on the i13 Pro series, there will be a video format like ProRes . Like ProRAW, this is a format for professional recording needs, but the specific content does not flow out in more detail.

There is also a rumored feature that everyone should be looking forward to, that is , someone who broke the news said that iPhone 13 may add a mode similar to astrophotography (or should it be a night sky photography mode?). It is rumored that it will be activated when the phone is pointed at the sky.

In this mode, the phone will automatically recognize the stars, the moon, or which are artifacts, and then automatically adjust the exposure. This function also corresponds to the rumors that the photosensitive element has been enlarged and the ultra-wide-angle aperture has become larger.

(I don’t know how this mode will capture the moon and clouds at the same time? If there is such a mode, it would make people wonder how it correctly recognizes the sky and what to do when the sky is not clean? And what synthetic calculation methods are used… Now I think these will not It will be too early.

Again, there have been reports that Apple is developing an AI filter technology that will recognize the subject, subject… and the like in the photo, and then apply the filter effect you choose to the subject, People, instead of changing the entire photo. 

We often see features like the sky-changing filter, which seem to be similar, but the object is replaced by the protagonist.

iPhone 13 processor

The A-series chips are upgraded every year. If nothing happens, the four iPhone 13 models will be equipped with an A15 Bionic chip, 5nm+ process, and upgrade to Qualcomm X60 data chip with a 5nm process. There is a chance to provide support for sub-6 in more countries.

And mmWave’s 5G iPhone, and therefore can support Wi-Fi 6E with a larger bandwidth. It is rumored that the A15 will reduce the power consumption of the iPhone 13 series by 15-20%. Cubeta once reported news from the supply chain, pointing out that Apple has ordered more than 100 million A15 chips in TSMC this year.

For a single type of chip, the stock volume is quite large, but I don’t know how accurate the number is, and it is also unclear how long this is an estimate of the stock volume. For reference, according to the IDC report, all iPhone shipments reached 55.2 million in the first quarter of 2021, and 44.2 million in the second quarter.

However, the iPhone 12 can be regarded as a very good-selling series, and the replacements have also been upgraded during this year. In this situation, whether the iPhone 13 will continue to sell as hot as the iPhone 12 remains to be seen.

iPhone 13 Transmission interface

In terms of interfaces, there have been rumors that the iPhone will adopt an interfaceless design in the future, relying on wireless charging and transmission, or replacing it with MagSafe.

However, according to Guo Mingchi, because the waterproofness of USB-C is not as good as Lightning, and the MagSafe ecosystem is not yet mature, so In the future, including this year’s iPhone, the Lightning interface will still be used.

iPhone 13 Announcement and listing

The release date, inferred from past plans, most of the outside world pointed out that it might be released this week from 9/13 to 9/17 (9/14 has the highest voice), and then it will be released next Friday.

However, there are also reports that Apple may hold two presentations in September, or one in September and one in October. Counting products, in addition to iPhone 13, Apple Watch, AirPods should also have new products, as well as the legendary M1X (or M2) chip MacBook Pro…etc. According to the theme, it should be published separately. (Don’t bump into Pixle 6~ Bye stealing!)

iPhone 13 Increase battery across the board

According to the organization of foreign media, the four iPhone 13 may be more compact space planning (for example, integrated SIM card slot and motherboard), smaller parts, and thickness increase, and reserve space for larger batteries.

Rumor has it that the iPhone 13 Pro Max may be equipped with a 4325mAh battery (i12PM is 3687mAh), the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro are equipped with a 3095mAh battery (6.1-inch i12 is 2815mAh), and the 13 mini has 2406mAh (i12 mini is 2227mAh).

Or, wireless reverse charging and MagSafe with stronger suction can be added, but these two are more speculative, and you can look at them again.

In addition, iPhone 13 may support 25W fast charging (i12 series is 20W, i12Pro series is 22W).
It seems that the weight of the new iPhone will increase. The military-regulated cases that advertise high protection (but usually thick and heavy) will not know if they will develop lightweight but equally protective products?

Looking at the rumored specifications, you will find that it is not known whether it is due to the 120Hz screen and the recording algorithm that “enhancing power” seems to be a major issue for the iPhone 13, including the A15 chip, increasing the battery, and the LTPO screen, all of which reduce power consumption. The configuration of electricity and extended electricity.

iPhone 13 price

Last year’s iPhone 12 offered very good prices, and the flagships of the Android camp also adjusted their pricing. Will this strategy continue to this year’s iPhone 13?
So far, I have only seen specific figures outflow, but it is generally expected that the pricing will be comparable to that of the iPhone 12 series.

  • iPhone 13 mini-starting at $699 (64GB)
  • iPhone 13-799 USD (64GB)
  • iPhone13 Pro may be priced from US$999 (128GB)
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max starts at $1,099 (128GB)

However, the price and capacity rumors are more diverse, just take a look at this first.

Finally, the list of rumored specifications so far is sorted out, but the most important thing is what substantive functions these specifications will bring. This depends on the demo and description at the press conference. #Are you waiting for a new iPhone?

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