Apple Arcade is a big upgrade! “NBA 2K21”, “Taiko Master” and other 32 forced blessings

After Apple’s game subscription service Apple Arcade launched in late 2019, I don’t know how you’re playing? Earlier, the official released the latest service update and the biggest update so far.

Not only has the game lineup increased to more than 180 games, as many as 32 games have been added this time, including many masterpieces that appeared in the Arcade version such as “NBA 2K21” and “Taiko Master Pop Tap Beat”. And the “Fantasian” created by Hironobu Sakaguchi the father of the “Final Fantasy” series, and the soundtrack Nobuo Uematsu.

Before starting the introduction, let’s give a brief introduction to Apple Arcade. It is a cross-device game subscription service in Apple, including iPhone, iPad, Mac series and Apple TV. The game after subscription does not have the common problems of current mobile device games such as shopping malls or advertising mechanisms. Being able to concentrate on playing like a PC or a home console is the biggest feature.

At present, Apple Arcade can choose a single service, that is, a monthly fee of 170 yuan per month; or it can be combined with other Apple’s integrated service “Apple One”, let alone others, only friends with iCloud or Apple Music , No matter how you look at it, Apple One card is a bargain! At present, as long as you purchase Apple’s hardware including iPhone, iPad, Mac series, Apple TV, iPod Touch, you can also enjoy a free three-month discount on Apple Arcade.

After Apple Arcade ushered in 32 new titles this time, the number of games in the entire service has reached more than 180. Therefore, there are more nostalgic games in the category of “Cross-Generation Classics”, and it has won awards on the App Store. Two categories are the “App Store Featured Masterpieces” popular with players.

In response to official invitations, you can also interview the representatives of the four new games added to Apple Arcade. First of all, Zach Gage, the developer of the chess game “Really Bad Chess”, combines multiple identities as a game designer, programmer, educator, and concept artist, and has won the Apple Design Award and the best game of the year list Single-class awards.null

“Really Bad Chess” is the most different chess game from similar games in the market. The most different is its randomness. The pieces will be randomly placed in each game, which can get rid of the previous fixed game play. Zach said that he hopes to become familiar with the game process, not a way of memorizing; at the same time, there will be some different ways of playing, so that both chess masters and novices can enjoy the same fun, like having a and The AI ​​game is compared to the general AI in the shortest round.

“Monument Valley”, which was launched seven years ago and swept a bunch of awards with creative gameplay and unique art worldview at the time, this time also ushered in the Arcade version. Don’t feel a little bit muddled. This time the Arcade version not only has more interesting traditional Chinese support, but also includes the content of one generation and two expansion packs, and eight new levels have been added.

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Maria Sayans, the chief executive of the production company ustwo games, also said in an interview that “Monument Valley” has so far had 73 million downloads; plus the two games that have been previously launched on Apple Arcade, it is actually no stranger to the platform. At present, the production of “Monument Valley 3” is also in full swing; and it is carried out on a full-platform approach.

Next, I believe sports game fans will not be unfamiliar, that is, the basketball game “NBA 2K21”. This is also the first version of “NBA 2K21” to enter the mobile platform. Tyler Nation, vice president and director of operations at 2K Games, said that the larger feature of the Arcade version of NBA 2K21 is that it has been upgraded in resolution and fps. It also has a virtual joystick for the control of mobile phones. Improve.

This game mode includes general 5v5, 3v3 bullfighting, and My Career mode to build your own career. The player roster will be updated regularly in the future, but some gameplay Tyler is actually quite conservative. Maybe there will be more surprises in the future?

The last game I visited this time was “Star Terk”, which is a brilliant match with “Star Wars”. The game on Apple Arcade is “Star Trek: Legends”, which is played in a turn-based role-playing manner. You can play the role of more than 40 well-known pros and villains in the story, as well as starships for adventure.

Amir Lotan, creative/production director of Tilting Point FTX Studio, one of the game development teams, said that in the future, new characters or starships will be added in the game according to the current development of the plot of each IP in the current reality. But at present, there are a lot of content in “Star Terk”, and I was asked how to choose. Amir is mainly discussing with an exclusive team of CBS, hoping to make players like it.

Next are some games that I think are worth introducing in this Apple Arcade update. First of all, it is naturally the familiar “Taiko Master Pop Tap Beat”. It has a long history of easy-to-play operation with mobile devices. I believe it can attract a vote of game lovers to the pit; in addition, the game also supports traditional Chinese. display.

The next one is “World of Demons” launched by Platinum Studio, which created “Neil Auto Figure” and “Devil’s Shocking Record”. The same is mainly an action game, and is based on the Japanese style of the Sengoku period. Players need to play the role of samurai Onimaru to fight against Shutendo. The gameplay is actually similar to the current action games. You can successfully defeat the enemy by attacking and perfect dodge to get a counterattack.

The last one is the creation of the “Final Fantasy” series, with “Hiroshin Sakaguchi, the father of RPG, and Nobuo Uematsu, the soundtrack of “Final Fantasy”. It can be said to be in response to the operation of the mobile device, but in the bones it is quite a character of the original style. Play a game. It’s just that there is currently no Chinese option available, and for those who are not good at Chinese, they may not be able to enjoy the world of the game.



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