Apple One is finally live on stage! Behind the great discount price is to promote the service

Apple One is finally live on stage! Behind the great discount price is to promote the service

Apple officially launched an integrated subscription service that combines Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, and iCloud at the new product launch conference in September this year. Although Taiwan does not have Apple Fitness+ and Apple News and other services, it uses Apple One personal plan.

For example, including Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, plus 50GB of iCloud storage space, you only need to pay 315 yuan a month. If you want to share these services with up to 5 friends and family, you will be charged NT$395 a month. Simply put It’s a bit like an all-you-can-eat feeling.

Friends who are interested and want to subscribe can go to the top of the main setting screen to select their Apple ID, and select [Subscription Items] to see the current subscription and expired subscription service plans, which can be found at the top See the subscription items for Apple One.

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As a digression, in fact, Apple One has been officially launched in many countries around the world at the beginning of this month, and there was a situation in Taiwan that as long as “family sharing” is set, there will be no subscription options for Apple One in the subscription items until This bug has been officially fixed recently.

Apple One has launched two plans for personal and family in Taiwan. The main difference is the iCloud space. The personal plan is 50GB and the family plan is 200GB. Of course, there are differences in price. If you want to use 200GB of storage space, it is recommended to find Friends and relatives who know each a little better together, otherwise, there is not much left for 200GB points, which may cause quarrels, which is not worth the gain

the editor is because I share the iCloud space with the queen at home, plus there are also two underage children in the family who apply for child accounts, so they choose the family plan of 395 yuan per month. After the subscription is completed, they will immediately switch to the Apple One subscription service plan.


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