Apple App Store uses stored value to purchase subscription APPs without credit cards

Apple App Store uses stored value to purchase subscription APPs without credit cards

Last month, Apple silently launched the “App Store Gift Card” in Taiwan, low-key… finally introduced.
If you have registered a foreign Apple ID, you should have experience in purchasing foreign App Store & iTunes gift cards from the Internet.

Because I have to play some games that can only be downloaded in Japan, I bought a Japanese App Store gift card on the Internet to save Value, pay for in-game purchases, and now it’s finally launched in Taiwan.

App Store gift cards can be regarded as prepaid cards. In the long run, there is a set of one-time codes on the back. Enter the code on the card in the App Store to redeem and deposit the amount into the Apple ID. You can use the money to buy programs in the App Store or services launched by Apple in the future.

The original purpose is to give gifts to people, but it can also be used by people who don’t have a credit card but want to buy games and apps. It can be used as an alternative payment method in addition to the collection of mobile phone bills.

Apple also has an Apple Store gift card, which has been available in Taiwan before. This is completely different from the App Store card. The “Apple Store” card is used to purchase hardware on the Apple Store official website and physical stores, “App Store” It’s for buying software, don’t confuse it.

How to get an App Store gift card?

It’s wonderful. Currently, Taiwan’s App Store gift cards can only be bought at 7-11 and FamilyMart’s convenience stores. They are not even sold in the Apple Store. They cannot be purchased through the website or APP of the supermarket if they have to go to the store. There is a way to give friends App Store gift cards via email in foreign countries, but it is not yet available in Taiwan.

But 7-11 and FamilyMart are enough, I think it’s not very troublesome except that it’s hot and doesn’t want to go out.
There are two ways to get it after arriving at the store: one is to buy a physical card, and the other is to go to ibon or FamiPort to operate the purchase code.
The physical card has three denominations of 500 yuan, 1,000 yuan, and 2,000 yuan, or a card marked with 300 to 6,000 yuan, and you can choose the amount between them.

The operation of iron or FamiPort is also very convenient. Whether it is ibon or FamiPort, the App Store card is placed in the “stored value” item

After following the instructions, the machine will print a payment slip, take it to the counter to pay, and the clerk will give you a receipt of thermal paper with the App Store card number and redemption password. This must be kept Now, don’t mess up the password line.

How to exchange stored value?

With iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC, you can connect to the App Store or iTunes to redeem, and even on Android phones, you can redeem through Apple Music.
Go to any tab of the App Store and click on your avatar, and you will see the option of “redeem a gift card or code”

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On Mac, open the App Store→click on the avatar→”Redeem Gift Card” in the upper right corner is the place to redeem stored value

If you are using a PC, you must install iTunes first. You can see the redemption in the “Account” column of iTunes.

The official Apple service available for Android phones is currently only Apple Music, so you must operate it in Apple Music. After opening the program, click the three dots in the upper right corner → of Account, you can see the redemption place. But it can only be used to subscribe to Apple Music on Android at present.

Generally speaking, you can redeem it by entering the line of code on the back of the card. You can use the photo recognition input on the iPhone or iPad, and the photo can be input in seconds, which is convenient.

If you are using ibon or FamiPort thermal paper, just enter it. The line of the password is quite small,

please read Q/O, V/U, Z/2, etc. clearly… After success, you will see the balance under the account, go to Settings→Click on the picture→Pay and send Here, you will also see that the payment method has an additional gift card (Apple ID) item

This amount is tied to your Apple ID, so you need to log in to AppleID to pay for programs and services. You can generally use gift cards to pay, regardless of the device. But the balance cannot be shared, shared or donated with your family, it is yours tied to your ID.

What can App Store gift cards be used for?

Specifically, there are:
paid programs in the App Store, games,
App subscription fees (for the first time or renewal), in-
app purchases (charged through the App Store),
purchase or upgrade of iCloud capacity plans, Apple Books books, iTunes songs, movies,
subscription to Apple Music, Apple TV/TV+, Apple Arcade… etc.

I bought Jay Chou’s song from iTunes~ Give my love a cup of Mojito~After
verifying the password or paying with FaceID, you can see that the Apple ID balance is low.

You can also use the balance to upgrade the iCloud space, which is also deducted from the gift card money.

Even if you have a credit card or telecom, if there is a balance in your Apple ID, the balance will still be used for deduction.
So if you have subscribed to a certain service and set up automatic renewal, as long as there is a balance in the Apple ID before the next deduction, the stored value will be used for payment first. So the person who gave you the App Store gift card is really helping you save money, thank him very much

How to check balance and consumption records?

You can see the AppleID balance under the avatar of the App Store.
As for the consumption record, go to Settings→click on the avatar→iTunes and App Store→click on Apple ID→view AppleID, and then you can check all the purchase records. Click on a certain “bill amount total”, and you can see that it is through What method of payment.

If you are using an App Store gift card, “Store Points” will be displayed

People who don’t have a credit card may be using a telecom agency to purchase apps or subscription services. Now you can have one more payment method, and you can store value in a single transaction. It may be easier to control your budget and know where your money is spent. Went~
But I found that there is no anti-counterfeiting label on the App Store physical card. I suggest you buy it at 7-11, the family’s orthodox channel. It’s safer

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