Brighton cat killer - Steve Bouquet jailed for more 5 years

Brighton cat killer Steve Bouquet jailed for more than five years

Brighton cat killer Steve Bouquet jailed for more than five years

A safety officer who completed a mission of feline killings in Brighton has been imprisoned for over five years.

Steve Bouquet was behind a mission of debilitating and cutting felines around Brighton between October 2018 and June 2019.

He killed nine – Hendrix, Tommy, Hannah, Alan, Nancy, Gizmo, Kyo, Ollie and Cosmo – and injured another seven in the assaults.


Proprietors of a portion of the felines were at Hove Crown Court to see the 54-year-old get a five years and 90 days jail sentence.

Judge Jeremy Gold QC said Bouquet’s conduct was “savage, it was maintained and it struck at the actual heart of everyday life”.

Bouquet, who kept 16 tallies from getting criminal harm and ownership of a blade, demanded to police that he was “no danger to creatures” and had just taken in of the killings from news reports.

Anyway a photograph of a dead feline was found on his telephone, and the retail plaza safety officer was caught on CCTV set up by a proprietor of a dead feline.

During the preliminary members of the jury heard records from a few feline proprietors who had discovered their pets draining on their doorsteps.

Tina Randall found her kid feline Gideon had been harmed in November 2018, telling the court: “He was blurring and as I got him, blood splurted out.”

Jeff Carter tracked down his injured feline Nancy covering up under the bed in the wake of being assaulted, and she later kicked the bucket from her wounds.

After the decisions, Judge Gold said: “I recommend it is just truly during lockdown it has been especially clear how much large numbers of us who have pets depend on them for friendship and solace.

“One can just envision the trouble that was caused to the proprietors of those different felines for this situation at the actual considered having a blade dove into their adored pet.”

A blade with cat blood on the cutting edge and Bouquet’s DNA on the handle were subsequently recuperated from his home.

“This has been a terrible case for every one of the proprietors in question”, said Jayne Cioffi from the CPS.

“Not exclusively did Steve Bouquet exact terrible enduring to every one of the creatures he assaulted, however he additionally made genuine injury their proprietors, large numbers of whom tracked down their cherished pets harmed and dying.

“None of us can grasp what drove Bouquet to do this to family pets. His cases that it was essentially chance that he was available at different occasions when the creatures were assaulted were appropriately excused by the jury subsequent to being negated by the examination and arraignment work.

“The CPS will consistently try to arraign individuals for remorselessness to creatures, either pets or other natural life, where cases breeze through our legitimate assessment.

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