Bryan Roy gets community service for threatening tweets for Prime Minister Rutte

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Bryan Roy

Former professional football player Bryan Roy has been sentenced by the police judge in The Hague to 80 hours of community service for threatening outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte. If he commits crimes again within two years, he will be sentenced to four weeks in prison.

Roy, 51, had responded in April to a tweet in which someone called on the prime minister to resign. “Headshot will get it soon”, was his response. Because a report was filed, the police arrested Roy for questioning shortly after the message.

The Public Prosecution Service had demanded a prison sentence of ten weeks, of which four weeks were suspended.

Rather discredited

Roy, who played for the Orange squad 32 times in his career, also became discredited last year after threats from AD journalist Chris Klomp, because of his documents in which corona conspiracies are debunked.

I know where you live now,” he wrote at the time. “We sleep at night, just not you.” This case was dropped by the Public Prosecution Service. Minister Grapperhaus said at the time after criticism that “things are not going the way I would like”.

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