CASETiFY x Bruce Lee’s unboxing is limited to infinity

CASETiFY x Bruce Lee’s unboxing is limited to infinity

Bruce Lee believes that there is no need to explain his past and achievements too much. Previously, it coincided with his 80th birthday. The mobile phone accessory manufacturer CASETiFY also launched related joint products with this martial arts and philosophy master. Not only ordinary mobile phone protective cases, but also Apple Watch, Air Pods; even clothing. This article also introduces a few basic products for everyone to smell the fragrance, and of course there is also a lottery!

The design of the outer box is quite simple, you can directly see the style of the protective shell, and the key point of this joint name is also at the bottom, which is Bruce Lee’s signature; the back of the outer box is presented in the form of Bruce Lee’s classic stills with a silhouette of the English name.

One of the five protective cases out of the box is made of special plain leather, which is not the same as the other four with translucent materials. The button materials on the left and right sides are also different. The pixel leather is made of gold. Painting design.

For the weight part, the plain leather model weighs about 25g, while the other four models of the same material are 30g heavier. The actual disassembly and assembly will not be too tight and difficult to remove, which is worth extra points!

The first one is naturally the most distinctive plain leather style. The appearance is based on Bruce Lee’s famous yellow sportswear, with his signature and a small silhouette of flying kicks as the design focus.

Like other CASETiFY protective cases, there will be a dedicated logo around the edge of the main lens. This is also the biggest feature of CASETiFY.

At the bottom is Bruce Lee’s English signature and a silhouette of flying kick.

The second is a partially transparent design, the matching image is a rare Bruce Lee DJ pattern, and the upper right is a yellow signature, which embellishes the main black and white design with a color.

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If you look closely, the transparent part of the protective case will have a bit of non-slip material. The iPhone 12 Pro I have on hand is just white, so the white is naturally revealed…..

Then it is also designed in a translucent style. , But in the center is Bruce Lee’s most famous “Game of Death” yellow sportswear, the transparent area has English letters with wave font design.

The central image is printed on it. I guess it will still be scratched or peeled off after using it for a period of time. If you really care about it, you should protect it.

This one is like the pattern on the back of the box, and it is also the posture of Bruce Lee’s stills; but with a yellow BRUCE LEE silhouette and a partially translucent material design.

The last one is my favorite. It is designed based on a long-lost VHS video tape. The center is a still photo (usually the video tape will also be marked or pasted there with a still photo or name), and there are related stickers on the side. design.

When placed horizontally, it can be seen that it is the design of the video tape. It means that young people nowadays may not even know what a VCD is…..Will the person who will buy this one be certified immediately? The age of the
protective case is roughly After the introduction, let’s introduce a single item of clothing. It will also be stored in a special box during transportation, and the body of the clothes will also be wrapped in dust-proof paper

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