Complete leather sofa product line to ensure multiple choices and flexible price ranges

Rossini leather Sofa from Italy has a good discussion on the 01 version. In addition to the unpacking experience from the version friends,

the editor also specially interviewed the original factory and the only one in Taiwan. The implied meaning of the general agent is international. Let’s take a look at why it can arouse these resonances.

leather sofa

Looking at the current furniture market, Rossini Sofas is one of the few brands that only makes sofas from design, development to manufacturing .

When the sofa becomes the only sofa, it naturally derives a quite complete product line. Therefore, its sofa items are much richer than the market in terms of materials, colors, shapes and sitting feelings; not only that, Italy is known for its leather craftsmanship.

It’s very fast, so brand sofas have good advantages in terms of quality and selectivity in leather fabrics. In this case, it is relatively easy for the public to pick the desired style.

Secondly, the sofa is a large piece of furniture, supplemented by the small living area in the metropolitan area of ​​Taiwan. Therefore, one of the common troubles for the public when choosing a sofa is that the favorite style and the layout of the home cannot be matched. However,

in addition to basic models such as lounge chairs, two-person and three-person sofas, Rossini Sofas can be configured in modules. Consumers can select components to form a suitable shape according to conditions such as indoor space and back wall size, or further use The chaise lounge chairs are designed in L-shapes in different directions.

The aforementioned features, in addition to providing consumers with extremely high freedom of choice, are also attributed to the complete product line, which creates a flexible price range, with top regulations and affordable prices.

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