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Default browser iOS 14 mail App setting teaching, finally you can choose a third-party application

Apple’s latest iOS 14 was officially unveiled two weeks ago. The biggest change this time is that users can drag and drop various gadgets on the home screen. Default browser iOS 14

There are also application databases that are automatically classified according to App functions to hide unnecessary App pages.

In addition, the caller ID will be presented in a streamlined design and will not occupy the entire screen, etc., which are very close to the changes in user habits. Another major change in iOS 14 is that users can finally customize the default browser and mail app.

In the past, iOS only allowed the built-in browser Safari and “Mail” as the default applications. Even if users can download third-party applications according to their habits, they will always open in Safari when they click on the link to upgrade iOS 14 After the setting function, you can finally choose the default browser and mail App.

If you are usually used to using third-party browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge , or use mail tools such as Gmail, Outlook, Airmail or Spark, you can now Set them as default options.

I updated to the latest version when the iOS 14 Golden Master was released, and then updated again after the official version was released. I always only saw the default browser options. With the update of mail applications such as Gmail and Outlook,

I finally watched it. The option to switch the preset mail App appears. However, it should be noted that if you restart the phone after setting the default browser and mail app in iOS 14, the options will return to the original default values, which is the built-in Safari and mail app.(Update: This problem has been fixed in iOS 14.0.1).

Another small problem is that some netizens have discovered that if the default mail application is set to an option other than “Mail”, but the default browser still chooses to use Safari, opening the mail link (mailto) in Safari will still open the default Mail App instead of the third-party mail application you set up. These problems may be fixed in a later version.

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Use by teaching

After updating to iOS 14 and opening the browser, you may see a prompt screen asking if you want to set it as the default browser. I saw it in Microsoft Edge. I’m not sure if there are other browsers. Anyway, just open the ” Settings ” Function, find the browser options to be set from the bottom, for example, I choose Edge here.

Then you can see the ” Default Browser App ” option, which will be Safari by default. Here you can choose Edge, Firefox or Google Chrome. It’s very simple.

If you want to modify the default mail application, it doesn’t matter even if you delete the built-in “Mail” function. You can also find the mail program you want to use from the “Settings”. For example, Outlook can see the ” Default Mail App ” option , Select the option you want to set as the default. If an application does not appear here, you may need to update the App to the latest version.

When I change the default browser to Microsoft Edge and click on the link in the future, it will automatically open the URL in the default browser.

iOS 14 allows users to set the default browser and mail app
The third-party browser can be set as the default instead of Safari
The restart option will change back to the default value, you may have to wait for the error to be corrected in the future