EarFun Free 2 Review Great budget earbuds with aptX decoding

EarFun Free 2 Review Great budget earbuds with aptX decoding

Earvin has launched their new earbuds, the EarFun Free 2. The Free earbuds lineup has been one of the best-selling headphone series from the brand. Now updated to the second generation, let’s take a look at what’s new on the EarFun Free 2.

As usual, let’s start with the exterior. Unlike its predecessor, the Free 2 is taller and lighter. It’s also easier to open the box with one hand than the previous generation. The indicator on the front can be used to check the remaining power.

The top has the embossed logo, and the rear features the pairing button and the Type-C charging port. Like its predecessor, the EarFun Free 2 has wireless charging. The opening lid has a nice damping feel and the lid shows no signs of loosening. The frosted material is also not easily scratched in your pocket. For a basic headset, this workmanship is quite good.

While the changes to the earbud case are quite significant, the changes to the earbuds are very minor. The Free 2 earbuds are still snail-shaped, similar to the design of Samsung’s Buds series. When wearing it, you need to rotate it in the cochlea to hold it in place. Because the weight is more concentrated, it won’t easily fall off when worn firmly.

Earvin Free 2 TWS Review 06Although it does not have active noise cancellation. But when you play music, the noise is well shielded. Its earbuds are operated through the touch area on the logo. By touching it, you can play or pause music, switch to the previous or next song and even control volume. The earbud’s dustproof net is designed with care, it looks like a lemon cross-section, and has a kind of young and energetic feel, which I really like.

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Although it is only a basic earbud, EarFun Free 2 still has a few features for good sound quality. It supports the Qualcomm aptX encoding protocol. So it can improve the sound quality performance and the latency is not bad either. Games that do not require high audio latency have acceptable performance.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that the EarFun Free 2 is a bit bigger compared to other earbuds. This is because it has a 50mAh battery tucked inside. You may think this capacity is very small, but the battery life of general TWS earbuds is just over 5 hours, while Free 2 can play music continuously for 7 hours. That’s enough time for you to watch two movies. And with the charging case, you get up to 30 hours of battery life. In the TWS earbuds segment, this kind of battery life is pretty good.EarFun Free 2 TWS Review 13

To conclude, the EarFun Free 2 has upgraded the audio decoding protocol to aptX, added an hour of battery life, and made the charging case lighter than the previous generation, while other advantages have been retained, such as wireless charging, which is rare in the low price segment. You can get these earbuds for just $49 on Amazon.

I think the EarFun Free 2 is best suited for those who don’t need too many features and just want a normal TWS to listen to songs.

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