Eternals movie-Everything you need to know

Eternals( movie)

Eternals is an upcoming Super Heros in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This film is about to release as the 26th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

This film is produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. Chloé Zhao directed this film and also wrote the screenplay with Ryan Firpo, Patrick Burleigh, and Kaz Firpo.

Who’s playing these all-new Marvel characters?

1:Richard Madden ( all-powerful) Ikaris.

2:Kit Harington (Dane Whitman) who is human.

3:Angelina Jolie (fierce warrior)  Thena.

4:Barry Keoghan  (aloof loner) Druig.

5:Kumail Nanjiani ( cosmic-powered Kingo.

6:Salma Hayek  (wise and spiritual leader) Ajak.

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7:Gemma Chan  (humankind-loving) Sersi.

8:Lauren Ridloff (super-fast) Makkari.
9:Brian Tyree Henry (intelligent inventor) Phastos.

10:Lia McHugh (eternally young) old-soul Sprite.

11:Don Lee (powerful)Gilgamesh

Eternals explained:

The authority summation portrays the Eternals as “antiquated outsiders who have been living on Earth covertly for millennia.” “Following the occasions of Vindicators: Endgame, a sudden misfortune compels them out of the shadows to rejoin against humankind’s most old foe, The Degenerates,”


Director: Chloe Zhao
Producer: Kevin Figgy, Nate Moore
Screenwriter: Chloe Zhao, Patrick Burley, Ryan Firpo
Storyteller: Ryan Firpo

Composer: Radhamin Jawad
Photographer: Ben Davis
Editor: Craig Wood, Dylan Tichenor
PhotographerBen Davis
Editor: Craig Wood, Dylan Tichenor
Production:company:Marvel Studios
Release date:5 November 2021 (United States)
Construction costs:$ 200 million
Country: United States
Language: English

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