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Facebook WhatsApp Instagram

Facebook’s servers have gone down all over the world. As a result, users are unable to use its proprietary Facebook WhatsApp Instagram

On Monday (October 4) at around 10.45 pm Bangladesh time, users reported the problem. The British media Independent also confirmed this information.

Facebook tweeted that many people have had difficulty using our apps and products, and we are aware of this. We are working to get back to normal quickly. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. However, the social media giant did not say anything about the cause of the problem.

Twitter users said they could not use Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. They are not able to take other services related to these apps.

According to the British media Independent, users are seeing ‘error messages’ in their browsers when logging in to Facebook. It says – Sorry, Something Went Color.

WhatsApp and Instagram work a bit but no new content is seen. No messages can be exchanged from these apps.

Earlier, on April 9, Facebook’s servers, including WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram, went down for a while. Earlier, on March 19, an error occurred in the Facebook server.



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