Free Google Gboard iOS keyboard with built-in features such as glide input

Free Google Gboard iOS keyboard with built-in features such as glide input

Apple launched the new iOS 14 in September this year. There are more changes in the user interface. Free Google Gboard iOS keyboard with built-in features such as glide input

What I like most is that I can finally arrange gadgets according to my habits. There is also a new “App Database” that automatically categorizes apps by type.  Or hide unwanted application pages.

If you like to use third-party browsers or mail tools, you can also set them as default programs. However, iOS 14.0.1 was released less than ten days after its launch to solve some known problems, but the problems may be more than expected.

Google Gboard iOS keyboard

For example, many people’s keyboard input methods will freeze, speed delays, etc., which affect The original operation should have a smooth iPhone and iPad experience.

I remembered the Gboard input method recommended before. Now the operation speed is not only faster and smoother after the revision, but it is also not as fast as the previous impression or too much power consumption.

If you think iOS 14 has built-in input The method operation feels not as good as before, you can consider trying this free keyboard app.

Gboard is a keyboard launched by Google for iPhone (in fact, it is also available on Android ). After installation, it can perfectly replace the iOS native keyboard input method. In contrast, Gboard integrates more convenient functions, such as glide input, GIF, and emoji search. Built-in Google search can search webpages, translations, YouTube, maps, or mobile phone contacts directly on the keyboard, and then quickly paste the results, without frequent switching between applications.

My favorite design of Gboard is that you can “combine” common keyboards into one and switch quickly. For example, I am used to using the Zhuyin input method, English and emoji keyboards can all be added to Gboard to switch, which is also better than native keyboard switching.

The speed should also be instant and fast so that all the built-in input methods can be removed and only Gboard is left. Another feature I love, “Key Touch Feedback”, can give a short vibration when typing, so that the keyboard of the mobile device has a better control feel. In fact, this feature has always been available on Android devices, but iOS only has button sounds, not a Built-in typing vibration function.

However, it still needs some adaptation period for me to switch to the Gboard keyboard, because I originally used the iOS “dynamic adjustment” old version of the keyboard (larger keys), and the Gboard keyboard key position is more like the iOS later standard phonetic keyboard if you Originally,

I chose a new keyboard. Congratulations, you should be able to convert Gboard painlessly. Download it and have a try!

Gboard-Google keyboard: download iOS version, download Android version

Use To teaching

Below I will demonstrate how to download, set up, and use the Gboard keyboard on iOS. Since Gboard has become a single application later, there is no need to open Gboard related functions through the Google app.


Search Gboard from the App Store and download the Google keyboard. After opening it, there will be a simple introduction to functions, such as searching, glide typing, and sending GIFs, map information, or emojis.

Click ” Enable full permissions ” for the first use, and there will be a tutorial to enable permissions. Follow the instructions.


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Follow the instructions to click ” Get Started ” to open the Gboard settings, click ” Keyboard ” to adjust ” Allow Full Access ” to the on state, and click ” Allow ” when the prompt message appears to allow the Gboard keyboard to have full access permissions.

After returning to Gboard, press and hold the ” Earth ” icon in the lower-left corner to switch to the Gboard keyboard.

In addition to the Gboard keyboard, the iPhone also has the keyboard input method you originally used. You can consider deleting these built-in keyboards by pressing Edit from the keyboard settings because Gboard also has phonetic symbols, English numbers, and emoji (if you don’t use it in the future). Habits can also add back the original keyboard in the same function).


Go back to Gboard and click ” Language “, then click ” Add Language ” to find ” English (United States) ” and add the English numeric keyboard. If necessary, you can also add other language input methods, which can support up to three languages ​​at a time.

Make some basic options adjustments from the ” Keyboard Settings “, because I don’t have the habit of using ” Glide typing “, here I will turn off the options first. In addition, there is an ” Enable Key Touch Feedback ” function below. The default situation is to Turn off, it is recommended to turn on this function, there will be a vibration effect during keyboard input, and it feels better when playing (this is also a feature that iOS does not have).

In addition, Gboard has a ” Contact Search ” function in the ” Search Settings ” section. You can easily query or share contact information on the keyboard, and you can open it if necessary.


Another great feature of the Google Gboard keyboard is to choose different keyboard background themes. By default, only light and dark colors are automatically switched. If you like, you can also set it as a picture or custom theme.

The custom theme function can be adjusted. There are many options, such as keyboard background color, text color, whether to display borders, etc. You can implement it on your mobile phone if you like Leopold mechanical keyboard color matching.

The Gboard keyboard can directly access the stickers or add ” Dot shortcuts ” shortcuts, which is convenient for assigning emoji, GIF animation, and stickers after entering a specific string. There are already five items by default, and users can edit and adjust them as needed.

I personally seldom use the texture function so I haven’t studied it in-depth, but the emoji keyboard can also be seen on Gboard.


Compared with the native Zhuyin input method, the Gboard keyboard is smarter. As long as the first sound of a word is entered, there is a high chance that the word to be entered will appear. The accuracy is quite high.

The number keys and other keyboards can be switched in the lower-left corner. Or turn on the emoji keyboard. The key configuration is almost the same as the native keyboard, but the switching speed of different keyboards is much better than the built-in keyboard, and there is less lag or delay when typing.

Click the ” Google ” button in the upper left corner of the keyboard to open the search function. You can search webpages, translate, YouTube, maps or search contacts on the keyboard.

This is a major feature of Gboard! If you are looking for what information you are looking for, you can copy and paste it directly after you click on it after searching. You don’t need to open other applications at all, which is very easy to use.

At present, I have used Gboard as the main keyboard of the iPhone. After updating to iOS 14 I did encounter the problem that the keyboard input method would be delayed (if the keystrokes are sounded when typing)

I immediately chose to switch to Gboard. At present, it seems that there is no big problem except that the buttons are not the same as the original ones and it takes time to adapt.

It can only be said that the firmware released by Apple is becoming more and more susceptible. It seems that there is an illusion that the east wall and the west wall will be broken (called the era of public beta).

In any case, it seems that we can only wait for iOS. Repair, for the Zhuyin input method, there is no expectation that it will become better, but at least it must be able to use it normally!


Google provides a free keyboard Gboard on iPhone, with various useful functions built-in

Quickly switch phonetic, alphanumeric, and emoji keyboards without delay

You can use Google to search the web, translate, YouTube or maps on the keyboard

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