Health App brings new walking stability detection to help avoid unknowing falls

iPhone and Apple Watch users should have used the “Health” app. After long-term collection of health and exercise data with Apple Watch, the “Health” App will record our various physical indicators and health conditions along the way. Some will make us vigilant, and some may not be understood by ourselves. , But for doctors, it can be used as a reference for diagnosis. Based on this, the iOS15 “Health” App has done health sharing, trend analysis, and added walking stability and sleep breathing rate detection.. . And other functions.

Share health with relatives and pay attention to each other

If all family members have a record in the health app, then after the update, the family can share health information. It is up to the user to decide who to share with or not.

Of course, data security is protected. It is shared through family members. For example, even if they are not living with their parents, children can use this function to learn about the elderly’s heart health information, sleep quality, etc., and continue to pay attention or remind, The shared information is more focused on important analysis and trends.

The sharing object can also be a trusted caregiver. For example, a patient with Parkinson’s disease wants to share his mobility information with a physical therapist. If the object is a trusted doctor, the doctor can continue to track the health app with the user’s permission. , The purpose is to understand what happened between each visit and assist in making a better diagnosis.
Currently, the United States has an open sharing function with doctors. Users can choose to share specific health information with doctors, such as heart rate, a number of falls detected, sleep time or exercise hours, in order to achieve more effective discussions. Doctors of cooperative medical care institutions can also directly view the data shared by users through the Apple “Health” app in the electronic health record system.
 Trend analysis

The long-term record in the “Health” App will generate 20 different data trend analysis, such as resting heart rate, sleep, aerobic exercise, etc. It is better to look at the trend to track whether there is a change in the body. It is also easier for users to understand. Even if you are losing weight with exercise, you can learn the progress through the trend report and then make adjustments.
If a third-party device is used to measure body data, these sources can also generate trend analysis.

Added “Walking Stability”

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This is a newly added health record item, which is quite special. According to Apple’s data, more than 37 million people seek medical treatment for falls each year, and some people suffer serious injuries due to such a fall, and even their illnesses take a turn for the worse. The cause of the fall is not necessarily all external forces, it may also be a problem with walking.

Walking stability is an indicator that assesses the possibility of falling, which is also a feature pioneered in the industry.
When walking with the iPhone, the built-in motion sensor, coupled with a customized algorithm, will propose three indicators of balance, stability and coordination, supplemented by analysis of the data collected in the “Health” app Daily activities and road information are classified into three levels of “normal”, “low” or “very low” in terms of stability, so that users can understand the risk of falling and take preventive measures.

According to Apple, walking stability is developed on the basis of real data from the Apple Heart and Movement Study. The participants in this study cover all ages and the number is more than 100,000. It is considered the largest database for studying the risk of falls.

Another newly added “sleep breathing detection” can refer to the functions of watchOS 8 , which is the data collected with Apple Watch.

The new functions of the “Health” App may not be very interesting, but I personally think it may be a function that will work at a critical time.

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