Huawei released New Six Major Products including tablets, smart watches, and mobile phones More

Huawei released New Six Major Products including tablets, smart watches, and mobile phones More

Huawei held a summer conference in the Asia-Pacific region today (7/6) and announced six flagship products, including 12.6-inch and 10.8-inch MatePad Pro tablets, 11-inch MatePad, Huawei released New Six Major Products HUAWEI WATCH 3 smartwatch, and active noise reduction Wireless headset HUAWEI FreeBuds 4, two HUAWEI MateView high-end displays, and Huawei nova8i mobile phone.

Although there are many products, all of them are in harmony, an operating system that advertises cross-device interconnection and interoperability, showing the characteristics of the so-called Internet of Things full-scene experience of Harmony System.

MatePad tablet

The products of this conference cover the needs of the home, going out, entertainment, and office. Three of the MatePads are the first tablets equipped with HarmonyOS 2.

The 12.6-inch and 10.8-inch MatePad Pro use Kirin 9000E processor, which is a relatively high-end tablet.
Equipped with an OLED full screen, the screen accounted for 90%, which is quite a high number for tablets. Huawei also mentioned that this is the tablet with the highest screen ratio in the world.

The 12.6-inch model is only 6.7mm thick and 609g thick. It also takes into account portability beyond the large screen. It has a built-in 10050mAh battery and a maximum of 40W fast charge. The body is equipped with eight speakers, emphasizing the surround sound audio and video experience.

MatePad tablet, Huawei released New Six Major Products

In the same field, M-Pencil with tablet and the smart magnetic keyboard was also launched.
The new M-Pencil uses a Birkin-coated refill, emphasizing accurate handwriting, low latency, and support for 4096-level pressure sensitivity, double-click switching, one-stroke forming, smart forms… and other features and functions.

The magnetic keyboard is a full-size keyboard with a 1.3mm long keystroke, supports Bluetooth connection and wireless charging, and can be used with M-Pencil and Bluetooth mouse to form a PC-like device environment.

MatePad tablet 1, Huawei released New Six Major Products

Being able to seamlessly connect and work with other Harmony OS devices is the biggest feature after adopting the new operating system. HUAWEI MatePad series can work with Huawei PC, HUAWEI MateView, and other devices. In mirroring and expansion mode, it can be used as a computer’s hand-painted board and display. , Also supports cross-device file drag and drop to directly continue the work.

Display for the first time

This time Huawei also announced the first display products, namely HUAWEI MateView and MateView GT, which are built for office needs. Among them, MateView is a 28.2-inch/3:2 screen that supports 3840×2560 high resolution and professional color.

HUAWEI MateView can be wirelessly connected with mobile phones, laptops, and tablets, and supports keyboard and mouse counter-control functions. The keyboard and mouse only need to be connected to the monitor to control input devices such as laptops and mobile phones.

The MateView GT is a monitor for games and e-sports. Adopting a 34-inch 165Hz curved large screen, a screen ratio of 21:9, a resolution of up to 3440×1440, and adding innovative designs such as SoundBar integrated speakers, the purpose is to provide players with an immersive experience.

Huawei released New Six Major Products

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HUAWEI WATCH 3 can measure body temperature

This time the newly released HUAWEI WATCH 3 puts special emphasis on sports and health features. Huawei mentioned that they have teamed up with upstream and downstream application developers, medical equipment manufacturers, and professional medical institutions to jointly create a software and hardware ecosystem in the sports and health field.

HUAWEI WATCH 3 is equipped with a brand-new high-precision temperature sensor, which can measure body temperature, which seems to be a relatively rare function on the watch.

The watch also supports monitoring of more than 100 exercise modes, 24-hour heart rate monitoring, fall detection, and SOS… and other functions.
In addition, HUAWEI WATCH 3 can support the one-number dual-phone function of telecom operators, thereby providing independent communication functions, and you can use the phone number to make calls and listen to music. In daily use scenarios, HUAWEI WATCH 3 can provide three days of battery life.

Huawei Watch, Huawei released New Six Major Products

FreeBuds 4 supports a dual device connection

True wireless headset products are also not absent. The new HUAWEI FreeBuds 4 is released, which supports an upgraded version of active noise reduction. The “Adaptive Ear (AEM) noise reduction technology” is added to the semi-open earphones. The moment the noise reduction is turned on,

The headset can automatically detect the wearer’s ear canal size and wearing tightness and match the best noise reduction parameters from a variety of noise reduction parameters to ensure that consumers can obtain customized noise reduction effects in different wearing conditions. And the single ear is only 4.1g, and it is more comfortable and easy to wear.

In terms of sound quality, it advertises the use of polymer material LCP liquid crystal composite diaphragm with a frequency range of up to 40kHz, which can restore various high and low bass details.

FreeBuds 4, Huawei released New Six Major Products

FreeBuds 4 can be used with Huawei’s smart speakers, monitors, mobile phones, laptops, tablets, etc., and can be used with “earphone dual device connection and seamless switching”, or with “HUAWEI CAST+ projection”. Delay watching video and audio. The dual earphone connection can connect the earphone to two of the above-mentioned devices at the same time.

When one tablet is listening to music or watching a drama, the other mobile phone receives the call, the earphone will automatically interrupt the playback content and switch to the phone. The headset also supports connections to multiple devices with Android, iOS, and Windows systems.

FreeBuds, Huawei released New Six Major Products

The mobile phone launches the new Nova8i

The newly announced mobile phone falls in the Nova series designed for young people. The launched Nova8i advertises a very thin body
. The back uses the NCVM (non-conductive vacuum metallization) process to give the surface a gentle brilliant color and shadow, plus a smooth surface. The touch of the 4D curved surface also brings a good feel.

The game is also another featured item. The mobile phone has 7 built-in antennas, which emphasizes that it can maintain the best reception when held straight and horizontally. It also supports a 180Hz touch sampling rate to bring a faster touch response.

Nova8i, Huawei released New Six Major Products

Nova8i uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 processor, equipped with EMUI 11.0 developed based on Android 10. The screen is a 6.67-inch IPS panel with a very narrow frame.
Equipped with a 64MP main lens, 8MP ultra-wide angle, 2MP depth of field and 2MP macro four lenses, and a 16MP front lens. Support common super night scene, AI beauty portrait… and other modes.
Nova8i also supports 66W fast charge, which can charge a 4300mAh battery in 38 minutes.

At present, Huawei has 5 brand stores in Taiwan, where you can experience a variety of products such as Huawei tablets, notebooks, wearables, audio products, etc. In addition, you can also shop at PChome 24h, momo shopping network, Yahoo!, and Xiaomi shopping. Open an official flagship store.

At today’s press conference, Huawei also mentioned that it will continue to build Huawei brand stores and e-commerce channels to bring consumers a better and more convenient shopping experience.

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