Introducing our new lightning-fast Bitcoin wallet app

Bitcoin wallet app

Bitcoin wallet app: Your wallet app is (quite literally) key: it connects you to your Bitcoin. That’s why we’ve rebuilt the Wallet app from the ground up, making it better for you through a fast, easy-to-use interface with lots of exciting features. So what’s new?



Make lightning-fast payments with InstantPay

instantly is a new feature that lets you auto-pay instantly. Exclusive to Bitcoin Cash in our wallet app, InstantPay completes faster than traditional payment methods like Visa and MasterCard, and faster than payments in any other cryptocurrency wallet app, too.

How to do it?

To set up InstantPay, open your chosen Bitcoin Cash wallet and tap the wallet options button in the top right corner. Here, you can set your spending threshold, which tells the app how much you’d like to be able to spend with InstantPay. This threshold is your personal spending limit, enabling you to send transactions instantly without having to approve them.

Once done, you can start using it instantly to pay other people. You can also pay merchants who accept Bitcoin Cash online, and also in-store using the Bitcoin Cash Register app or other terminals. Simply scan a QR code with the “request amount” set on the recipient’s device and, if it’s within your spending threshold, the payment will auto-complete in an instant.


Manage SLP tokens alongside your Bitcoin Cash

You can now store and manage SLP tokens in your Bitcoin Cash wallets. The new Wallet app offers full support for SLP tokens, which exist digitally on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain and can represent anything from dollar-pegged stablecoins to virtual gaming assets and loyalty points.

How to do it?

Each Bitcoin Cash wallet you create can be used to send, receive, and store SLP tokens. To get started, either mint your own token or have somebody send tokens to you.

To receive tokens, open your preferred Bitcoin Cash wallet and tap “Receive.” Select “SLP” and, if they’re with you, ask the sender to scan your QR code. Alternatively, tap the icon to copy your SLP wallet address and share this with the person sending you tokens.

Exchange, store, and buy Bitcoin with ease

A fresh new interface lets you navigate our app nimbly, making Bitcoin management a breeze.

Buy Bitcoin easily

Buy Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin Core (BTC) using a credit card. Tap the “Buy” button on the app home screen and you’ll be taken to our website where you can buy either type of Bitcoin quickly and easily. The coins you buy will be deposited into your chosen wallet.

Organize your funds

Send and receive Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Core, and create any number of Bitcoin wallets to organize your funds as you see fit. Tap the “+ Add” button in the app home screen, choose “+ Create a new wallet,” then select asset type and name your new wallet.

Exchange coins fast

Swap one coin for another in a matter of minutes. Tap “Sideshift AI” in the discover section to quickly exchange Bitcoin Core for Bitcoin Cash, and vice versa. The exchanged coins will be deposited into your chosen wallet.

Spend Bitcoin Cash and more

The discover section of the app does exactly what it says on the tin. Use it to locate merchants near you who accept Bitcoin Cash payments in-store, browse websites where you can checkout with Bitcoin Cash, and delve deeper into what else you can do with Bitcoin.

Customize to make the app work for you

You can put your personal stamp on the new Wallet app in the settings section.

Choose currencies: display your preferred fiat currency alongside your Bitcoin
Set transaction speed: choose how quickly your transactions are confirmed
Quick access: unlock your wallet quickly with a pin on Android and face scanning on iOS

Did we mention it’s yours to own?

Just like our old app, the new Wallet app is fully non-custodial. This means only you can access your Bitcoin and SLP tokens, and you should always take wallet security seriously to keep your assets safe and sound.

Whenever you create new wallets in the app, follow the on-screen instructions to back it up. This only takes a few moments to do and helps prevent you from losing access to your Bitcoin or SLP tokens if you lose or break your device.

Ready to try it out?

InstantPay really is lightning-fast—but don’t just take our word for it. Record a video of your own InstantPay transactions and share it with us on Twitter (@BitcoinCom), or Instagram (tag @bitcoin.com_official). Include the hashtag #FastestBitcoinWallet and we’ll feature the best posts on our social channels!


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