Ipad pro m1 Where can I get the M1 upgrade?

Ipad pro m1 Where can I get the M1 upgrade?

The performance figures of the M1 may also be familiar to everyone. It has an eight-core CPU, the CPU performance is 50% higher than the previous generation iPad Pro, and the graphics processing performance is 40% higher. The core of the neural network engine has also increased, but the official does not mention how much the performance of AI calculus is improved.

Since the performance is improved, it represents the existing program, the same task will run more easily, faster, or more energy-efficient. As well as apps or games, you can unblock the performance and make functions and special effects that used to be difficult to run.

For the former, I ran three. One is to take the same RAW photo in Lightroom after finishing the brightness contrast sharpness, skin beautification, blemish removal… etc., turn it into Photoshop in the program to open it, in the process, it will go through the process of retouching and translating into PSD file.
And after editing in Lightroom, the time to transfer the JPG to the file.Ipad pro m1 2021

The third is “Affinity Photo”, a retouching program that many people use to replace Photoshop. It hasn’t released the updated version of M1 before publishing, but from the Benchmark provided by the program itself, the CPU and GPU running scores of M1 are significantly higher. (Left), on the right is the 2020 iPad Pro. Click to enlarge.

The speed of LR transferring images is quite obvious, and it should be more interesting if batch processing. The performance of Affinity Photo has also improved significantly. As for the time of transferring videos on the M1 iPad in LumaFusion, it seems that there is not much difference, but I dare not say that the transfer of videos is limited because of the limited power consumption of the two generations when doing the same job. How much… Maybe for LumaFusion, the role of the new processor is to show its energy efficiency ratio.

After checking, the iPad version of LR, PS, and LumaFusion has not yet released the optimized version of the M1 iPad before the deadline. I hope that when the updated version is released, not only will it be more powerful, but the speed will be even more improved.

As for the latter, the function will be unblocked and become more powerful, or it can be used with Thunderbolt. Not many apps and games provide such updates before publishing, but I think it is a matter of time.
Several well-known productivity programs:
iPad “ProCreate” has the M1 version, the performance has been increased four times, and more layers can be created. For example, the 132dpi 4K resolution canvas can open 115 layers.

“FiLMic Pro” has also added new features to the M1 iPad Pro, such as support for centering the character and viewing the oscilloscope view on the external display.

 Divinity: Original Sin 2″ (Divinity: Original Sin 2) this game, also added M1 iPad Pro to the support list. If you run with Perfdog, you can see some pictures up to 120fps, most of them are around 90fps. But the GPU utilization rate is almost 100%, and the battery temperature is mostly 40 degrees. However, the performance of this game on the 2020 iPad Pro is not bad. Click to see a larger image.

And those who are known to be looking forward to the M1 update~ For example, LumaFusion has announced that it will release an update this summer, providing the “MultiCam Sync” function, which can place up to 12 tracks of video material in the workspace, and click on material while playing it.

It will be connected to the timeline, which looks very intuitive. And it will also update the Thunderbolt 4 external drive editing function, which can directly edit the video Clips in the Thunderbolt hard disk.

Program developers invited at the M1 iPad Pro conference, such as ARKi, Devil May Cry, CamTrack AR, SwingVision, StaffPad, SkyGuide… etc., should also start updating.
I personally look forward to the porting of the game masterpiece, and if the Apple Arcade game on the M1 iPad can choose the highest quality or frame rate, it should be extended for the iPad Pro to high-end gamers who like to use the controller to play games. There are many people who call it: Will there be Final Cut Pro for iPad?

So where can I get the upgrade of M1 compared to the previous generation?
At present, I have tried the above ones. Others may depend on the progress of App updates and optimization.
However, a previous report mentioned that although the 2021 iPad Pro is equipped with 8GB/16GB of RAM, the memory available for each APP is limited to 5GB.
Will this affect the update of large programs for the M1 iPad? Are there any developers and students willing to clarify?

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