iPhone 12/12 mini purple, peripheral out of the box

Last week, Apple launched new iPad Pro, iMac M1, AirTag and other products in the spring conference. Among them, there are also iPhone 11, but the purple iPhone 12/12 mini is different. Taiwan is on 4/30.

it will also be officially on sale. In addition, the official also released new colors of silicone, leather protective covers, and Apple Watch straps and other accessories. Naturally, this article will first take a picture of the appearance for everyone to use as a reference for purchasing the machine.

First of all, the outer box design is naturally the same as last year’s iPhone 12 series, reducing the volume without a charger. The difference is naturally that the screen of the rendered image is full of purple.
There are also purple iPhone and Apple logos on the sides and bottom.
Here is also attached a box photo of the previous iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12 mini for your reference.

The configuration in the box is naturally the same. The middle layer is the phone body (the protective film has been removed), and the bottom layer is the charging cable, documentation, stickers, etc.Middle level

Bottom layer

Well, finally came to the highlight! This time, the purple of the iPhone 12/12 mini is strictly the same as that of the iPhone 11; but the saturation is higher, should it be more lavender? It’s not the gorgeous purple, but the elegant and comfortable route.

When placed flat, the purple of the back glass is a faint feeling, while the surrounding metal middle frame is presented with a deeper metallic texture.

The main lens block surrounding the lens and the fill light is also made of matte glass to distinguish it from the mirrored back of the camera. Also because of the purple on the back of the camera, the lens reveals a faint purple color, and the whole texture is different!

Looking at the light-receiving back and the middle frame from another angle, it looks really elegant when paired with the main camera…..The

middle frame here, as mentioned earlier, has also turned into a purple matte aluminum metal in response to the body. , Unlike the Pro/Pro Max series, which uses mirror stainless steel. If it is a bare-metal user who is bold enough, fingerprints and oil stains under the grip will be significantly cleaner than the mirror surface.

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iPhone 12/12 mini purple
Here is also a look at the beautiful photos of the upper half of the back of the iPhone 12/12 mini from a different angle. I really can’t bear to put on the protective case Dorsal

The actual hold, due to the fact that the iPhone 12 series has more minis this time, it can be said to be the gospel of the small hand (like myself)! However, the screen size of the iPhone 12/12 Pro has become the same. The 12 Pro, which has a relatively small screen, can share a protective case, but for small hands and want to have better shooting capabilities, just…no Way out. But now the big screen is still showing up, and it is not difficult to imagine the official reason for doing this.

After introducing the purple version of the iPhone 12/12 mini, the new color accessories will be launched simultaneously. Since there are so many styles, we can only shoot part of it here, so please forgive me. The shots include MagSafe deep violet leather case, amethyst color, cantaloupe color, pistachio green silicone case, and pistachio green and cantaloupe Apple Watch single-lap straps.

Putting the two iPhone 12 purples together, you can see that in addition to the two protective cases that are also purple, the refreshing tone of the other two colors is obviously aimed at summer.

Whether it is leather or silicone protective cover, the inner layer is made of the same scratch-resistant fluff material, and there is a MagSafe circle position. Below is the fixed iPhone, the place of production and the certification mark.

The weight of each material of the protective case is also measured here. First, the universal leather case for iPhone 12/12 Pro weighs 26g; the iPhone 12/12 Pro silicone case is a heavier 28g, and iPhone 12 mini is 25g. In terms of weight, the leather model is the lightest, almost the same as the 12 mini silicone.

iPhone 12 leather
iPhone 12 Silicone
iPhone 12mini Silicone

Change to a harder light source to look at the appearance of the protective case. During the process of unpacking this time, my favorite is the deep violet leather model, which has a leather feel and relatively deep purple, with a light Apple Logo engraved line. Whether it’s the new purple or the lightest silver iPhone 12 Pro, it’s quite suitable.

Take the iPhone 12 mini as a demonstration for the amethyst color. It is purple like the deep violet, but the material is different. The thicker purple also has a different style. Compared with leather, it should be more modern and modern?

The next two models are designed for the summer atmosphere. The left side is a pale pistachio green (in fact, the pistachio’s core is green…I just discovered that, The other is the cantaloupe color with the shell as the name suggests. I don’t know if there will be a smell of smell after 79

it is installed. I will also take a picture of the shells, so that you can see the difference in the details of the leather models. .
Sync also comes with a pistachio green and cantaloupe Apple Watch single-lap strap, which is made of silicone like the protective case, so the texture and color are the same as the case.
On the whole, the iPhone 12/12 mini purple is not the same as last year’s iPhone 11 in six colors at a time. Most models before the iPhone XR will use (PRODUCT)RED as the new color released in the spring. This time, the iPhone 12 will return to the previous way. I don’t know what the considerations are. The difference compared with the iPhone 11 is that blue is replaced by yellow. There is also purple but the overall tone will be more saturated. Maybe there are some internal markets. Investigate it?
Finally, I also attach our previous test article for the iPhone 12 series, just as a review

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