iPhone 12 pro max is a good portable camera worth owning

In fact, this is an article written last year~ I will frankly say that
writing a review article is not helpful to me, it’s pure interest~
and it will be the last time I write an iPhone review article, and I won’t have
it in the future. The evaluation is helpful to you.. The extra points are to give me a little encouragement.
Although this evaluation is mainly about cameras, the article is very long.. So it is divided into several different topics~
If you want to appreciate the article, it is recommended to find an hour Let’s look at the many different themed tests in this article.

In order to facilitate reading the article huge favorite theme, the addition of the anchor
out of the box
some small size
Comments preface camera
flare explanation
and iPhone11 pro max comparative
macro magnification & QRcode &
wide-angle night shot & IBIS & easy instructions
night shoot compare

novella The following comparison tests will be mentioned.
[Evaluation] A good portable camera worth having iPhone 12 pro max (middle)-Comparison & Description (2)
Selfie Camera
White Balance & Color Reproduction
Leda & Portrait Mode
Depth of Field Simulate Indoor & Daytime
Depth of Field Simulated portrait
Depth of field Simulated night scene Advantages
and disadvantages

Also because it takes a lot of time to write, the original picture is really not very good.
So we use 200% cropping comparison.. I believe the comparison of details is very accurate.

Also because it was last year’s article, the comparison photos were all taken with the initial software~ The
follow-up software has corrected the camera in many places.. I will use small supplements to make a little explanation example pictures are all 200% crop and watermark. No other retouching~ The
original image is provided and it has not been retouched by any APP. So the color tone is the same as the color tone taken by everyone’s built-in camera
~ The
ProRAW part introduces that after retouching, it will be special Tell~200% cutting is because after writing the article, I found out that it is not 100% cutting but 200% cutting comparison~
but 200% cutting seems to be too fine XD
the beginning of the original text ==
iPhone 12 pro max is a good portable camera worth owning

once a year The iPhone review is still presented to everyone.
Speaking of a small commentary, it seems that it is getting bigger and bigger every year. (laughs)
This time I shot nearly a thousand comparison films~
but not all of them will be lost.

Recently did not have much time to write free to share text, so the article will take a long time to write grip,
there would have been written in the past put aside to share text, after all, it is impossible to test all get a new phone every year (laughs)
but Because I wrote the test, I found that many of the tests on the Internet are unprofessional and
even deliberately misleading. This is a pity.

I used to refer to these youtuber videos, but recently I wrote a few mobile phone reviews and
found that those youtuber videos are not all credible. (The level is really bad)
This causes a problem. You can only buy and use it yourself. Only after you write your own evaluation will you know if it is good or not.
But at least a few completely untrustworthy channels have been caught, even if there

are more subscribers to the channel,
But the content is not reliable. it is a pity. (The film also emphasizes that neutrality is even more undesirable.)

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Since this article is about a recommended camera, the theme will also focus on photography~
Relatively, this article will be a little bit more difficult than the previous article, but I will try to use it Simple text description.
Anyway, mobile phones have become the main function of the camera. This has also happened in recent years. If the
camera is not done well, the mobile phone cannot be sold. Our mobile phone is used to replace the digital camera.

In fact, I used 11 pro max very smoothly in the past. The battery is sufficient. The camera is also good~
So the reason for changing the phone this time is the Qualcomm chip~ I don’t use 5G. But I changed it for Qualcomm.

This time, the explanations other than taking photos will be very brief. The main reason is that I want to talk about taking photos.
This is my personal experience. I also refer to a lot of information where I don’t know~
But because there are many technical aspects involved, if there is

Readers in this field are also welcome to advise~ As for Prowar, it has not been released at the time of writing, and I don’t revise the picture itself, so I will give it a brief explanation.
If you
want to
edit and compare pictures , I will use the built-in function of the iPhone as a demonstration. (I don’t want to buy a set of LR XD for this . ) (Post-remark: I am a bit too lazy to write half of Prowar, so the text is basically not attached. Above )

It is a pity. There is no Samsung comparison this time.
Because the S20FE touch problem has been sold out after several replacements,
the comparison model is as follows:

Pixel 4a
iPhone11 pro max
Panasonic GF9 + 12-35 F2.8 (m43 tablets Frame)
Fuji X70 (APS-C frame)

Because the name of the iPhone is really too long, for the convenience of writing~
Pixel 4a will be referred to as 4a.
iPhone12 pro max will be referred to as 12pm
. I will write that GF9

will compare 4a. First, his main lens is the same as that of 5.
In addition, the Gramm camera itself performs well in terms of white balance and depth of field,
and it also has its own technology for night scenes.
This article has been written for a long time, and some of the photos used in it are cameras of version 7.5,
but most of them are already Gam version 8.0~
If you read this article and think that the 4a shots are also good, then it is also recommended to buy.
After all, this one is only priced at 11990, which is a price that most people can afford

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