Michael Wendler

Michael Wendler: High income despite bankruptcy – The reports about Michael Wendler don’t stop. After numerous questionable statements, there is now again a big fuss about the pop singer.

Wendler, who lives in the USA, should not only be broke but also heavily in debt. Nevertheless, according to media reports, he makes a lot of money.

So far, so unspectacular, but according to Timo Berger, Wendler’s former friend, and ex-wedding planner, he should cash in with a questionable method. Berger had already revealed spicy details about Wendler’s life. But now he is following up with a ten-minute video that he published on Instagram.

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Berger reveals Wendler’s sources of money in his clip. He makes it clear: “I am able to substantiate my statements in court at any time.”

Income of $ 170,000

In the Instagram video, Berger shows excerpts from Michael Wendler’s Telegram channel. These reveal numerous conspiracy theories. Wendler draws all kinds of scenarios with which he could stir up fears in his followers. Wendler claims to want to help, but according to Berger, behind this is a perfidious business model.

Accordingly, the Wendler advertises all sorts of products such as water filters, crank radios, stun guns or power generators from the controversial Kopp Verlag. 

According to Timo Berger, he is said to have earned 43,000 dollars in his best month via affiliate links. Becker puts the total income of the pop singer at an impressive 170,000 dollars.

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