Multi-layered bedding, looking for a perfect sitting feeling for everyone

In Multi-layered bedding addition to considering the price, appearance and sitting feeling when buying a sofa, “material” is also the key to whether the ideal sofa can be selected.

In fact, when buying a sofa, it is best to think about the following questions first: whether there are young children in the home, whether to keep pets, normal usage habits (such as eating and drinking on top), home style, and preparations for cleaning and maintenance that you are willing to invest in.

After the aforementioned needs are clarified one by one, it will help to choose the most suitable sofa for one’s own home.

[Furniture] Rossini, who only makes sofas: Multi-layered bedding, looking for a perfect sitting feeling for everyone

Is fabric sofa better or leather sofa better?

For a long time, leather sofas have been regarded as a hard-wearing and easy-to-clean material. Therefore, if there are children in the home who are good at creating “diet overturning accidents”, the leather will not penetrate quickly and is easy to wipe.

However, there are many advanced fabrics that have excellent stain resistance and abrasion resistance. For example, Belgian FibreGuard fabrics have an anti-fouling coating covering every woven thread, so when sauces and beverages are accidentally stained on the sofa, most The stains can be wiped clean with clean water. However, no material is perfect. The advantages and disadvantages of leather and cloth are introduced below.

First of all, from the perspective of fabric sofas, the first advantage lies in the richness of options. Compared with leather sofas with limited colors and textures, fabrics can almost find styles that match the indoor style regardless of material, color or pattern totem.

Second, the comfort is better, but this part is still seasonal. Taiwan is hot in summer, and most of it is hot and sweaty when sitting on cloth sofas and leather sofas for a long time without air conditioning; but the cool autumn and winter can be very obvious. The cloth sofa is soft and skin-friendly. As for the leather sofa, it feels cold in winter, and the texture is thick and hard, which is slightly inferior in comfort.

Third, functional fabrics have good abrasion resistance. It is well known that leather is easy to scratch, and many fabrics (such as cat scratch cloths) that use tight weaving technology have excellent scratch resistance and abrasion resistance; however, leather sofas can also be imitated. The old or chaotic pattern makes daily micro scratches difficult to detect.

As for the leather sofa part, its texture, durability and maintenance efficiency are very good, but the biggest advantage of leather is that it does not have the problem of breeding dust mites and allergens. For many allergic groups, you can definitely appreciate the use of cloth and leather. difference. The second is to facilitate cleaning and maintenance.

As far as the fabric is concerned, after a period of use, it will be contaminated with dust, body oil or sweat, which will make the cloth surface cloudy and dull. After another six months, oiling and maintenance can be done, and the cleaning and maintenance are quite easy. But also remember not to expose it to direct sunlight or direct air conditioning. Most sophisticated leather sofas can be used for more than ten years without a problem.

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