RB Leipzig vs. VfL Bochum live: Bundesliga NOW in the live

RB Leipzig vs. VfL Bochum live

RB Leipzig vs VfL Bochum live Five minutes until the break and there is still zero on both sides. Remarkable score with the pile of chances that Leipzig has produced here.

38 .: The fast Holtmann broke through on the left, but cannot fully control his pass into the middle. The ball jumps into Gulacsi’s gloves.

36 .: Losilla has a chance, he has some space on the right in the penalty area. He warps his right-foot shot – past left.

33 .: Bochum is persistently trying to make the game football at eye level. That doesn’t quite work, but it’s a commendable approach. So far, they have been rewarded with luck not having conceded one or the other goal.

30 .: What a chance! Nkunku went through completely free, Poulsen went along with it. From the half-left, the Frenchman himself aims at the right corner, which is also evident for Riemann. He jumps off before the shot is on its way and still thwarted the goal.

28 .: On the opposite side, Poulsen puts an Angelino flank from a few meters with his head to the right of the goal. His view had been blocked for a moment.

27 .: Asano is searched with a wide ball, it gives the impression that he is faster than Simakan. But the next moment the ball is gone and the chance is wasted.

24 .: There remains a phase in which VfL itself repeatedly pushes itself into the last third. The only thing missing is the solution to the problem that is called Leipzig penalty area defense.

20th: At least a few minutes of rest for Riemann. Those in front let the ball run through their own ranks a little longer.

16 .: The next RB chance is not long in coming: Poulsen takes a high pass on the edge of the box with his chest and immediately shoots with the left. Riemann is there with a foot defense.

14 .: Leipzig has already played four top-class players and repeatedly overwhelmed the VfL defense. That also has to do with the fact that VfL want to play and run into counterattacks. Now Rexhbecaj fires a shot from over 20 meters on the other side, but cannot take Gulacsi by surprise.

12 .: Poulsen shakes off Bella Kotchap at the center line and immediately walks towards the penalty area. The pass to Forsberg is not perfect, but the Swede takes it with him ingeniously, goes right back into the penalty area and shoots – at the aluminum!

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9 .: RB again! With two or three vertical passes, Leipzig quickly moves forward, on the right in the box Forsberg appears with the ball. Riemann fends off the shot from eleven meters.

6 .: Referee Robert Hartmann takes a look at the pictures himself. Bockhorn plays the ball first, so he takes the decision back.

5 .: Penalty? After a good chance for Angelino, the ball is played again to the five, where Bockhorn probably hits Poulsen.

2 .: Angelino and Forsberg fooled a free kick from the left half-field three times before Angelino carefully lifts the ball into the center of the penalty area. Gvardiol prevails there in the header duel, but cannot place the ball. Riemann sure has it.

1 .: It starts!

RB Leipzig vs. VfL Bochum: Bundesliga Now in the live ticker – start of the game
Before the start: After six games, Bochum are in 17th place with one win and four points. With another win, Thomas Reis’ team would leave the relegation ranks.

Before the start: After three bankruptcies in a row, including the 7-0 defeat in Munich, Bochum scored last Sunday. In the 0-0 draw against Stuttgart they were very close to winning one or the other time, but in the end had to admit to having paid more money in the upper house.

Before the start: The new coach Jesse Marsch is under enormous pressure again, anything but a clear victory over the promoted team will further worsen the mood in Leipzig. After all, you are currently completely unacceptable twelfth in the league?

Before the start: But in the Champions League during the week, RB was completely deservedly defeated by Club Bruges, the dreams of advancing in an extremely difficult group with Manchester City and Paris St.-Germain could already be over.

Before the start: In Leipzig they actually thought they had left the false start with defeats against Mainz, Wolfsburg, Bayern (1: 4) and ManCity (3: 6) behind: The 6: 0 over Hertha last Saturday was supposed to be the liberation will.

Before the start: Compared to the game in the CL, four new players start at Leipzig: Gvardiol, Adams, Angelino and Haidara for Orban, Mukiele, Laimer and Szoboszlai. At VfL, Tesche and Asano start for Löwen and Polter.

Before the start: This is the starting eleven of the guests: Riemann – Bockhorn, Masovic, Bella Kotchap, Danilo Soares – Losilla, Tesche – Antwi-Adjei, Rexhbecaj, Holtmann – Asano.

Before the start: This is the home side’s starting XI: Gulacsi – Klostermann, Simakan, Gvardiol – Adams, Haidara, Kampl, Angelino – Nkunku, Forsberg – Poulsen.

Before the start: At RB Leipzig things are currently not going that way at all. In the premier class you had to accept the second defeat in the second round match against Club Bruges. In the Bundesliga you are only in midfield after six match days. Even with the opponent from Bochum, things are not going that well. As expected, the newcomer has difficulties moving away from the relegation ranks. Only one victory has been achieved so far.

Before the start: It starts at 6.30 p.m. The game is played in the Leipzig Red Bull Arena.

Before the start: Hello and welcome to the Bundesliga game on matchday 7 between RB Leipzig and VfL Bochum.

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