remove Image Background Free processing functions removal Image Background From Free processing functions

Today’s online keying tools have been developed into automated processing. removal Image Background From Free processing functions Through AI artificial intelligence and machine learning technology,

the program can accurately recognize the content of the photo, and then remove the background part other than the subject, so the user does not need to do any editing operations (in the past) You need to manually mark the location to be kept and cleared).

These automated image back-removing services have a certain degree of accuracy, and the effect is quite satisfactory. For example,  Photoshop Express provides a one-click quick background removal function, and others such as remove .bg and  are both simple and easy to use.

Recently, launched the desktop software ” Removal.AI for Desktop ” for free download. It supports two common operating systems, Windows and macOS. Through the desktop software, powerful AI automatic keying tools can be used directly on the computer to quickly process a large number of photos and integrate adjustments. Picture quality, size, picture format, and optimization functions.

However, Removal.AI for Desktop is not a free service. You need to link the user’s account. The credits in the user’s account will be deducted when processing pictures. If you want to back multiple photos in batches in a short period of time, I also hope to get good results. In fact, the price of this service is not too high. You can refer to the price description.

According to the instructions, is still developing Photoshop and Figma plug-ins, as well as iOS and Android applications that can be used on mobile devices. In the future, more powerful AI tools will be launched.

Removal.AI for Desktop

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Open the desktop tool download page and select the version (Windows, Mac) you want to download. There is also an installer that supports 64-bit Windows.



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Open the desktop tool after execution, you will first be asked to enter the API TOKEN to complete the link, because the tool uses the API method to connect to the original service, first go back to to log in or register an account, and then click the ” API TOKEN ” Copy and paste the API TOKEN of the desktop tool and save it.


A green tick indicates that the desktop tool has been successfully linked to the user account. If the free plan will show 1 point of available credit, you can directly test the keyring function, and you need more credit to go back to the website to pay for purchase.



The method of using the desktop version of is very simple. Just click ” Upload Image ” or drag the image you want to remove to the application, then adjust the relevant options from the right functional area, and click the button to automatically remove the background.



In addition to removing the background in the desktop version of the tool, you can also adjust the image quality (default 80%), crop to a specific length and width size, or select the exported image format (PNG, JPG), and quickly apply a specific background color , Batch adding spacing, etc., can be said to be a full range of automated image processing tools with powerful functions.

If you want to use images for e-commerce, there is also an ” Optimize images for Ecommerce ” option to optimize images.


After setting, click the ” Start ” button in the lower right corner to start the automatic keying, and adjust the picture according to the user’s preset options. After completion, you can click the ” Output folder ” on the right side of the file to view the result.


Three reasons to try:

  1. launches desktop tools for Windows and macOS
  2. In addition to batch automatic keying, there are also options for adjusting image quality, size, format, and background-color
  3. Provide optimized image options for e-commerce

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