Tue. May 17th, 2022
income tax

Scan the passbook quickly! The first batch of income tax rebates will be credited today

The first batch of tax refunds for the 109 comprehensive income tax began to be issued today (July 30). Scan the passbook quickly! The first batch of income tax rebates will be credited today

Officials from the Bureau of Finance stated that there are two major groups of ethnic groups that qualify for the first batch of tax refunds. Before May 10th of this year, the applicant shall submit the declaration manually (including the paper response of the tax trial calculation service)

income tax

or the two-dimensional bar code to the taxation authority (National Taxation Bureau) where the household registration is located. The other type of ethnic group is those who used online filing between May 1 and June 30 this year, including those who used online login or voice confirmation to reply to the tax amount trial calculation. The above two categories are eligible and approved for tax refunds.

Be among the first to get the tax refund early. Take the National Taxation Bureau of the North District of the Ministry of Finance as an example. The bureau qualified for the first batch of tax rebate cases approaching 1.16 million, and the total amount of tax rebates reached more than 17 billion yuan.

The Ministry of Finance and the National Taxation Bureau pointed out that there are two ways to refund tax, divided into “direct tax refund” and “general tax refund”. If the taxpayer provides a bank account when reporting, the tax refund will be “directed A financial institution account or a post office deposit account”;

if you choose a general tax refund without a bank account number, a tax refund voucher will be sent on the same day. If the amount is less than NT$5,000 for a small tax refund, you can send it to the nearest tax refund voucher. The designated paying bank of the company will redeem the cash, and the rest must submit a bill exchange to receive the tax refund. The redemption period of the first batch of tax refund vouchers is from now to September 30 this year. Taxpayers are also requested to pay special attention.

As for the other second batch of tax rebates or the third batch of tax rebates, the conditions for the second batch of tax rebates are to be declared after May 10th this year, or to declare to the National Taxation Bureau of the non-domiciled area before May 10th this year Of the people will receive a tax refund on October 29 this year. In addition, tax refunds for late declarations will be refunded before the end of January of the following year.

The IRS urges taxpayers to use the tax amount trial calculation response or use the Internet to declare the comprehensive income tax settlement from next year. At the same time, it is recommended that they can choose a fast, safe and convenient direct transfer deposit account as a tax refund method, in addition to There is no need to worry about the loss, defacement or expiration of the tax refund voucher,

which needs to be reissued or extended. It can also save valuable time when going to the bank to redeem it. Isn’t it a multi-tasking effect? In addition, IRS officials also reminded the public that IRS personnel will not notify the public by phone or text message to follow the steps to withdraw the tax refund before going to the cash machine. If the public receives a similar call, please immediately Check with the Internal Revenue Service to avoid being deceived.