Tue. May 17th, 2022
vaccine insurance

Should I buy “vaccine insurance”? The editor will show you through!

The epidemic is spreading, and the fire has not stopped! vaccine insurance Taiwan’s local cases have been diagnosed daily for more than a week for more than a week, and more than 3,000 cases have been infected in just a few days.

In addition to fighting for vaccines, everyone is asking, “What is covered by the vaccine policy?”, “Do you and I need insurance?”, “Should I follow up?” Don’t worry, let’s look through it together.

vaccine insurance

According to statistics from the Department of Disease Control, the number of people vaccinated in a single day has exceeded 10,000, which is significantly higher than the average daily number of 1,000-2,000 people vaccinated when the vaccine was opened in March.

After the approval of the FSC, the vaccine policy was officially launched in Taiwan in April, and the insurance cases of Fubon Property and Casualty Insurance and Anda Products, which launched “pure vaccine insurance”, are still growing.

Suddenly, the degree of inquiries about “vaccine insurance policies” has surged. When the difference in premiums is small, but there are differences in coverage, claim conditions, and protection items , you must make detailed comparisons before choosing, and shop around without losing money.

I want to choose a “pure vaccine policy”, currently there are 2 property and casualty insurance companies on sale

Fubon Property Insurance

Fubon Property & Casualty Insurance’s “Vaccine Protection Comprehensive Insurance” focuses on dual protection of vaccines and epidemic prevention insurance. The insured person can receive compensation if there is an adverse vaccine event within 14 days of vaccination .

From the first day to the 4th day, each claim is 10,000 yuan, and the hospital stays for more than 5 consecutive days, and then accompanies 50,000 yuan.

This insurance includes three major directions, namely “vaccine adverse event cost compensation insurance”, “statutory infectious disease vaccine prevention insurance paid for hospitalization medical insurance”, and “statutory infectious disease isolation cost compensation insurance protection”.

At present, you can apply for insurance online. The annual premium is 399 yuan, and the insurance will take effect the next day; but please note that the insurance age must be 20 years old.

Anda products

Anda Products’ “Severe Special Infectious Pneumonia Vaccination Protection Comprehensive Insurance” is mainly covered for adverse reactions within 90 days of vaccination ; the daily amount of compensation for each dose of hospitalization is 3,000 yuan, and the maximum payment is 14 days.

In the ward, a fixed payment of 30,000 yuan and a fixed amount of 300,000 yuan in compensation for funeral expenses, etc., will be compensated for two doses of vaccines, and the annual premium for insurance is 226 yuan.

Anda Property & Casualty Insurance’s vaccine insurance is currently sold through Annta Property and Casualty Insurance, and can also be insured online through Yi’an. As for the banking channel, there is Taishin Bank.

company Insurance Insured age Types of vaccines covered Annual premium Guaranteed content & compensation
Fubon Property Insurance Vaccine Protection Comprehensive Insurance 20-75 years old Not limited to the new crown pneumonia vaccine, but also covers other legal infectious diseases (such as measles, Ebola virus infection, new type A influenza, etc.) vaccination protection 399 yuan (1) Hospitalization for 1-4 days: pay 10,000 yuan each time.
Hospitalization for more than 5 days: in addition to compensation of 10,000 yuan each time, another 50,000
yuan will be paid. The maximum compensation during the warranty period is 500,000 yuan.
(2) Later, he was diagnosed again, and the actual in-patient medical expenses were up to 100,000 yuan each time.
Anda products Severe special infectious pneumonia vaccination protection comprehensive insurance 16-70 years old The vaccination guarantee is limited to the administration of the new coronary pneumonia vaccine (with adverse reactions afterwards) 226 yuan (1) A daily payment of 3,000 yuan for general hospitalization, with a maximum payment of 14 days
(2) A one-off fixed payment of 30,000 yuan for hospitalization in the intensive care unit
(3) 300,000 yuan of compensation for funeral expenses

For example, suppose Xiaohua received a dose of the new crown pneumonia vaccine today and developed an adverse reaction. He was hospitalized for four days. If he insures the 399 yuan plan made by Fubon, he will receive a compensation of 10,000 yuan; if the insurance is 226 yuan made by Anda.

Plan, you can get 12,000 yuan compensation. Seeing that the health concerns after the vaccine has not been reduced, many property and casualty insurance companies intend to follow up. It is expected that a brand-new vaccine will be launched in the future to provide the public with more choices.

Should I buy vaccine insurance? This question can be considered from several questions. ” Applying does not mean that a claim will be settled.” It must be confirmed whether the adverse reaction has a reasonable causal relationship with the vaccine.

The so-called “adverse reaction” after vaccination refers to the harmful and unexpected reaction that occurs after vaccination to prevent the occurrence of new coronary pneumonia disease. Severe allergic reactions or infections at the site of the vaccination that actually cause hospitalization are not likely to occur.

If you are worried about unpredictable side effects after the vaccine is administered, and want to spread the risk, but you feel that the claim conditions of the vaccine insurance policy are very narrow, in fact, the ” accident insurance policy ” is also a good choice.

If the insured is disabled or died due to the vaccination (the insured must prove that the cause of the accident was caused by the “external” factors of the vaccination, but also related to internal causes such as its own disease, aging of the organs, bacterial infections, etc. Irrelevant, the insurer shall bear the burden of proof related to the two), and “accident insurance” can also give claims.

There is no absolute answer to whether you need to buy vaccine insurance. Accidents usually come suddenly and unexpectedly. What is more terrifying than risk is the “unknown risk.” Vaccine insurance is to buy a peace of mind and play a role in providing protection at critical moments. If you want to take out vaccine insurance, don’t have the mentality of “want to make money back”, but make a correct assessment based on your own risks.