Sophia Thiel insulted in the fitness center Is it still possible

Sophia Thiel

Fitness influencer Sophia Thiel is outraged: She was asked in the fitness center why she “put on weight so much”.
In February of this year, Sophia Thiel returned to Instagram after a long time.

She revealed that she was in therapy for having an eating disorder. “I am very proud of myself that I can say that today. In the future it will be very important to me to educate people about the subject of eating disorders, but also about psychotherapy, and to take away the inhibitions and fear of contact“, she explained. She can handle it better now.

“I have slight aggression”
She’s also going back to the gym. But on her last visit, Sophia had an extremely unpleasant experience. Before elaborating on it on Instagram, she let out a loud scream. “I’m very sorry now, but it just had to be.

I already feel a little better because I have slight aggression. As you can see, I’ve just come back from training and I would like to tell you briefly what I am doing today happened, “she explained. At the beginning of the training, she “felt really good,” she reveals.

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But then she asked a person about their weight. “Then someone comes and said, I know you from somewhere. I then said influencer, Sophia Thiel. And he: ‘Yes, that’s right. Why did you gain so much?’ What should I say to that? I have no idea, ‘Eating disorders are all the rage right now? “, She annoyed.

Usually, she doesn’t take it to heart, but “today I thought: is it still okay?” But that’s not all: Another person came to her later and corrected her during an exercise. “He just says to me, ‘You’re doing this wrong.’ And those who know me, who know that I’m always allergic to it. I’m open to constructive criticism, I would like to be corrected, but not in exercises where I know

Sometimes it’s better to keep certain things to yourself, says Sophia. “Maybe I was sensitive today, whatever, but earlier that might have triggered me too, you know? And it can trigger people with an eating disorder, for example, to have a binge. If you don’t know, just that Shut up.”

The fitness influencer did not want to let herself get down because of that, she emphasized. Anyone who experiences something similar should also “scream, throw up on someone and let it out. Then you will feel better again.”

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