The 5 jobs Tim Tebow should try next after getting cut by the Jacksonville Jaguars

Previous Florida Gators QB/NFL QB/New York Mets outfielder Tim Tebow was delivered by the Jacksonville Jaguars on Tuesday.

Tebow was attempting to make the group as a tight end. Be that as it may, his first preseason activity turned out poorly, as he whiffed on a few square endeavors.

This is possible the finish of Tebow’s NFL dream. He was endeavoring a rebound under his school mentor, Urban Meyer. In the event that Tebow can’t make a group under Meyer, it’s impossible he’ll make a group under any other individual.

Tim Tebow

Since Tebow’s NFL profession has all the earmarks of being authoritatively finished, he’ll probably get back to his work as a SEC Network expert.

Notwithstanding, that is presumably not how Tebow needs to help the remainder of his profession — else, he wouldn’t have taken a shot at baseball and playing football as a tight end.

So what different vocations could Tebow attempt?

Here are five that I figure the previous Gator should try out.

NHL Player

Regardless of Tebow’s horrible hindering endeavor in the Jaguars’ preseason game this week, he’s as yet a person who loves contact. Tebow made his name on controlling through protectors at Florida. There’s no question he was an intense quarterback that would leave everything on the field.

Outside of football, there’s not a significant game that includes more contact than hockey. However I don’t know Tebow realizes how to skate. Maybe he’d be most appropriate to be a goalie in the NHL.


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It appears as though a reiteration of superstars and ex-competitors are taking a stab at boxing nowadays. Would you be able to envision the compensation per-see draw that a Tebow battle would get — particularly in case it was against another unmistakable superstar/competitor??? I bet Tebow wouldn’t avoid a fight. What’s more, we know he’s pretty much cutthroat.

NFL Referee

Assuming Tebow needs to progress forward in the NFL, perhaps he should attempt the ref course. He clearly knows the game in the wake of playing it for such a long time. Also, he may be the most flawless competitor to at any point play the game. He’s a person that would make an honest effort to settle on the right decision in each circumstance.

Furthermore, we should not fail to remember that Tebow is torn. He could be the new Ed Hochuli.

School Strength Coach

I think one explanation that Tebow needed to play baseball and attempt the NFL again is on the grounds that he misses being important for a group. While his playing days have likely cruised him by, possibly he could join an instructing staff as a strength mentor. Tebow has stayed fit as a fiddle as the years progressed, so he unquestionably realizes what works with nourishment and weight lifting. What’s more, I need to envision he’d be a moving presence on the sideline.

Recollect this inconceivable motivational speech Tebow gave a few years ago?!?!

There are in excess of a couple of groups that could utilize that uninvolved each Saturday.


There most likely isn’t a locale in the United States that loves Tebow more than the south.

So perhaps Tebow needs to attempt a game that is focused in the south.

NASCAR was brought into the world in the south. Also, its greatest fan base actually stays in the south. I think NASCAR fans would promptly join themselves to Tebow.

Furthermore, he’d be a fantasy for supports.

Presently, would he be able to drive? Most likely not. Yet, as indicated by NASCAR fans, neither can a large portion of the field on some random Sunday.

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