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The official version of WordPress 2.6 is released in 2008!

After the much-anticipated WordPress released three test versions, the official version was finally released on July 15, 2008. WordPress version 2.6 is named after the well-known jazz pianist McCoy Tyner, and the version name is “Tyner”.

In WordPress version 2.6, more powerful features have been added, enough to make WordPress a powerful content management system (CMS). These features include the article version management function, so you can revert to the appearance of the previous article at any time. An article can have countless article versions, and of course, you can also see the changes and differences between each version.

WordPress 2.6 has also added a new publishing model, accelerated management interface, theme preview, batch management, and all plug-ins, etc., hurry up and upgrade to WordPress 2.6! Let your WordPress have a stronger and safer environment.

From the official videos, we can clearly understand the new features brought by WordPress 2.6, or if you want to learn more about the actual role of each feature, then just keep watching!

Article version management-editing and tracking in Wiki format

The major breakthrough of WordPress 2.6 is the addition of the article version function.

To put it simply, sometimes a blog post or page must be frequently modified and adjusted, and it is often impossible to return to the pre-edited content after being automatically saved, but don’t worry about it now, and you don’t have to back it up by yourself! Just revert to the last version of the article. There may be many different versions of an article. What’s better is that you can compare the differences or differences between each version. This feature is just like the article version of Wikipedia.

How to turn off the article version function?

WordPress version 2.6 will automatically save the content as a new version of the post every time an article is edited. This feature is called Post Revisions. However, automatically saving the article version each time may take up too much database capacity. For example, if you only need to update the article 10 times, 10 new data will be added to the table wp_posts.

If you want to turn off this feature, you can add the following syntax to wp-config:

define('WP_POST_REVISIONS', false);

If you want to delete all the article version archives in the database, you can enter the following command in phpMyAdmin:

DELETE FROM wp_posts WHERE post_type = 'revision';

Press This!

This new feature is the ability to add a Press This link in your browser. As long as you click Press This while browsing the web, it will automatically send the text, pictures, quotes, or videos of the page to your WordPress editor, allowing You to use them easily.

Speed ​​up your blog! Improve the overall execution speed!

WordPress 2.6 uses Google Gears technology to cache and store dynamic pages, improve the execution speed and efficiency of blogs, and reduce the time wasted by visitors due to waiting.

Theme preview

You no longer have to worry about whether the theme is suitable for your WordPress blog. The newly added theme preview function allows you to preview the appearance of the theme in your blog in the browser. Wait until you are sure that everything is ready to enable the new theme!

What are the new features?

The following are some of the more subtle updates in WordPress 2.6:

  • Word count! You no longer have to guess a few words in the article.
  • The picture title function allows you to display the title below the picture, such as the effect of CNN Political Ticker.
  • More complete picture management functions, allowing you to easily drag or zoom pictures, perfect integration with the editor.
  • Support dragging to manage blog pictures.
  • Plug-in update notification bubble effect.
  • Can personalize the preset avatar.
  • Now you can upload pictures or videos in full-screen mode.
  • The XML-RPC for remotely publishing articles is turned off by default, but you can turn on this feature in the options.
  • Full SSL support.
  • Now, you can have thousands of pages or thousands of categories without problems.
  • You can customize the wp-config file and wp-content directory to the location you want.
  • You can choose Flash uploader or the traditional upload method.
  • The safety of some details is enhanced.

Easter eggs?

There are some rumors that there are Easter eggs in WordPress prior to version 2.6, but this has been denied by the production team.

Download WordPress 2.6

[Official website] http://wordpress.org/
[Download page] http://wordpress.org/download/