Why Eric Bana was dropped as Hulk, never asked to return to MCU

Eric Bana had played Hulk in the 2003 Ang Lee film, from that point forward, Edward Norton and Mark Ruffalo have additionally depicted the Marvel comic book character on screen.

Before the commencement of the adored Marvel Cinematic Universe, acclaimed chief Ang Lee had made a 2003 film on the Marvel comic book character The Hulk. The film was just called Hulk and highlighted Eric Bana as the hero. Then, at that point, we saw another adaptation of the Hulk in the 2008 delivery The Incredible Hulk, which had Edward Norton depicting the nominal job.

Be that as it may, post The Incredible Hulk, Hollywood star Mark Ruffalo has attempted Bruce Banner/Hulk to extraordinary praise. Fans have frequently puzzled over whether the three entertainers could at any point wind up having a similar screen space for a Hulk film. Lastly, Bana has responded to this million dollar question in a web recording facilitated by Marc Maron.

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“There’s not a ton of Hulk weaving here,” said Bana as he asserted he has not seen a solitary MCU film which featured Mark Ruffalo as Hulk. In any case, the entertainer confessed to watching Edward Norton’s interpretation of the person in The Incredible Hulk. Eric Bana was not approached to get back to play Hulk when the MCU was set up.

Bana said that he didn’t feel terrible about not being approached to get back to that world, as he didn’t know of the film in any case when he said yes to it in 2003.

“It was anything but a speedy indeed, that is without a doubt. It’s anything but some time to get my head around it. I wasn’t aware of the content preceding marking onto the film. It’s one of the lone movies I have done where that was the situation. It simply wasn’t simply the sort of film that I saw myself doing… The universe as far as you might be concerned didn’t exist in those days. You positively didn’t go into a film like that reasoning you planned to accomplish mutiple,” Eric finished up.

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