Windows 11 now no longer lets you use the old Windows 10 Start Menu

Windows 11 now no longer lets you use the old Windows 10 Start Menu

Changes to the Start Menu have been the most perceptible and disputable component of Microsoft’s new Windows 11 working framework.

However, in the early forms of Windows 11, recovering the old Windows 10 Start Menu was in every case only a couple of clicks in Settings away. As per the progressions made in the most recent rendition of Windows 11, notwithstanding, that is not true anymore.

The shift occurred in the second form of the Windows 11 beta programming, which is presently accessible through the Windows Insider program. Among other prominent changes to the Start Menu, Microsoft has evidently eliminated the alternative from Settings, leaving you with the splendid and sparkling new Start Menu if you like it. What’s more, indeed, that implies there’s no alternative for left-adjusting the Taskbar by the same token.

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There two or three admonitions, in any case. In the first place, there is really an approach to get back the Windows 10 Start Menu, yet not really clear. The people at Tom’s Hardware have found an indirect access strategy that includes tweaking a library. Clearly, anything including a vault change isn’t suggested and could cause some significant issues with your gadget. Of course, you’re on beta programming in the first place, so you ought to proceed with caution in any case.

Besides, remember that Windows 11 is as yet in its beginning phases of advancement. While the focal highlights and plan components are conceivable setting down deep roots, we’ll probably see a large group of changes made among now and its possible delivery date close to the furthest limit of this current year. Since the capacity to return to the Windows 10 Start Menu was at that point accessible in the underlying forms, it’s easy to envision Microsoft bringing it back.

That is particularly obvious if there’s a ruckus around its vanishing. According to the unfriendly response some have had toward the new Start Menu, it’s anything but amazement if Microsoft adjusts its perspective indeed in such a manner. Giving individuals the alternative to switch between the old Start Menu and the upgraded one has not many drawbacks. It’ll make the conservatives glad and urge a greater amount of them to overhaul when the opportunity arrives.

Until further notice, we’ll need to sit back and watch what Microsoft chooses as extra forms of Windows 11 carry out throughout the next few months.

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