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Many people should be waiting for the pre-order and arrival of Mi Band 6? However, recently Xiaomi actually has another Mi Watch sports version; it can be regarded as an upgraded version of the Mi Watch Premium Edition at the beginning of this year.

The surface adopts a more flagship round shape, the panel is also changed from LCD to AMOLED, and there is another physical button compared to the premium version; of course, the heart rate, GPS, blood oxygen, and other detection functions must not be there will be less, the “sports version” on the name is the main motion detection mode with up to 117 kinds.

If you want to compare it with the Mi Watch Premium Edition in detail, the Mi Watch Sports Edition removes the circular surface and the screen material is different; the larger difference should be the number of sports modes and the enhanced endurance. In addition, for some people who like watches, round watches seem to have more flexibility compared with square watches; but the beauty of this kind of thing is more different.

Unpacking and appearance

Front of the outer box

The outer box is designed in gray and black, the front is the rendering of the watch, and the back is the relevant information of the watch; the side has the words and features of Mi WATCH.

The box is divided into two layers. The upper layer has the watch body and the long instruction manual. The bottom layer looks like there are two compartments, but there is actually only one space for the charger.

The biggest difference between the appearance of the Mi Watch Sports Edition and the Mi Watch Premium Edition is in the shape of a round watch. At the same time, the strap is also a general style that can be flattened, not the bent and built-in style of a general sports watch. As for the watch, there are three colors of elegant black, space blue, and ivory white. This time the unboxing is elegant black. The color will be reflected in the connection between the strap and the watch, and the color on the surface and the reverse side is black.

There are two physical buttons simulated by the crown on the right. One is the Home button that integrates the home screen and settings; the other Sport is to quickly call up the sports list and can have additional custom functions (still related to sports).

The back is equipped with related sensors such as heart rate, blood oxygen, etc., there are also pressure and unique energy indexes in the Xiaomi watch, and the two outermost ones of the inner ring are magnetic charging holes.

mi watch

The strap is a general fixed style, with a slight anti-skid effect on the front side, and the back is gone. The Xiaomi Mi Watch Sports Edition does not officially provide weight data. The actual measurement is about 49g with an electronic scale. The Xiaomi Mi Watch Premium Edition is 32g, and the realme Watch S Pro with similar specifications is a heavier 64g.

The screen specification of the Mi Watch Sports Edition is a 1.39-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 454 x 454. The difference from the Mi Watch Premium Edition is round and square, and the realm Watch S Pro, which has similar specifications, has the same specifications.


On the functional side, the operation is actually not much different from the general smartwatch. The main screen can be moved down to call out the notification message, and the main screen is the main shortcut function field (including settings, display, do not disturb mode, etc.).

mi watch 1

At the top of the shortcut function field, there is also Amazon Alexa support, but currently there is no support in Taiwan. If it is abroad, it may be possible…..It may be more convenient if the more common Google Assistant can be used. ?

Sliding left and right on the main screen is a common related function, and the order can also be adjusted through the APP. The Mi Watch Sports Edition provides heart rate, blood oxygen, sleep, stress, energy, weather, music playback, as well as statistics tables including steps, standing time and calories. The music player of the Mi Watch Sports Edition can correctly display the Japanese font, which is a plus!

Various detected data in the watch can also be used to view detailed data in a chart. The heart rate can provide the heart rate change graph of the day and the time display of each interval in the watch.

Sleep is based on the score and quality of sleep, and the total time is placed at the bottom. There are also basic data for detecting sleep, such as deep and shallow sleep and rapid eye movement.
Blood oxygen detection has also been introduced in a variety of smartwatches recently, and I won’t explain it here. Clicking on it will also have detailed statistics.And because of the epidemic situation, the blood oxygen detection products suddenly rammed up; the accuracy of most smart wearable devices may fluctuate, and the news previously also had the problem of blood oxygen data for the puppets. This is also inhuman.

The Godzilla puppet made a demonstration. It can be seen that it will appear first during detection. Please wear the watch correctly. You can press the detection directly, but the detection will continue to run and there will be no results. You can see that this kind of communication will not appear in the sports version of the Mi Watch. The result of the spirit.

If you switch to a heart rate test, there will be problems. If you disassemble the watch and put it on the puppet with the “continuous heart rate detection” turned on, the puppet will have a heartbeat! However, if you turn off the continuous detection and perform the test again, the message that please wear it correctly will also appear. Energy data detection will look at the degree of physical consumption and suggest a timely rest to rejuvenate.
mi watch 2
When you press the Home button on other setting pages, you will return to the home screen; if you press the Home button on the home screen, a watch function page designed with icons will appear. You can quickly turn on the desired function in this way.
Press the Sport button on any screen to directly call up the sport menu. There are 17 built-in modes in the watch. Of course, they can be added through the watch body or APP. There are up to 117 sports modes, which is more than the previous 90-plus realme Watch 2 series!
As just mentioned, the watch itself can be added according to different sports classifications. This is a lot more convenient than some smartwatches that need to be added to the mobile APP.

The interface at the start of exercise is also not much different, it will display information such as time, distance, calories, and the Xiaomi Mi Watch Sports Edition can also pre-set the exercise goal.

The general settings provide functions such as surface replacement, brightness, vibration, and system settings. In fact, there is not much difference from the functions provided by other wearable devices. Just look at the picture.
The watch body has four types of surfaces that can be replaced. Don’t feel like it is too small. You can freely import your favorite surfaces in the APP. There is a detail here that the surface needs to be adjusted through settings, unlike some smart watches that can be directly switched on the normal pressure main screen.
The Mi Watch Sports Edition provides five brightness and automatic brightness adjustment functions. There is also an adjustable screen’s automatic closing time (range 5 to 20 seconds). Please note that the watch cannot click on the screen to light up. You need to use physical buttons, or Raise your hand to display on.
Raising the hand to wake up can be set according to the time, as well as the standard and high sensitivity. I personally feel that the standard response is a bit paused, and the high ratio has the feeling of turning the wrist on.
This time my test is set to four brightness levels, 5 seconds to turn off the screen, continuous heart rate monitoring, and the standard raised hand to light up the screen. It can be seen that under normal sunlight, the four-level brightness can actually clearly identify the details of the display. The editor here starts the test with 80% of the battery. During this period, a non-GPS exercise is used for about 33 minutes. After 72 hours of three full days, the battery reaches 49%. Basically, there is no need to worry about daily charging, and it is not a problem to adjust it for a week.
The setting of heart rate and exercise exercise is to provide the continuous heart rate monitoring mentioned earlier, as well as the automatic detection of running and walking to turn on the two modes of exercise mode; but the heart rate exceeding reminder is not mentioned here. …. APP also has no related settings, which is a pity.
The app that the watch is equipped with is also the “Mi Wearable App”. The homepage will display the number of steps and calories of the day, as well as heart rate, blood oxygen, sleep and other information, as well as the mobile phone’s exercise mode. This is also included in the Mi Watch Premium Edition. Introduced.
The sports part happened to be related to the epidemic. Most of me used Switch’s “Fitness Ring Adventure” and “Fitness Boxing 2” to match. It happened that the Xiaomi Mi Watch sports version had boxing detection, and it took about half an hour to fight. The sports information is also The calorie consumption, heart rate distribution, etc. will be displayed.
The device page can be set for the connected Xiaomi wearable device. Here is the sports version of the Xiaomi watch, which has an editing surface and different settings.
There are more than a hundred types of optional surfaces, and the selection is quite rich. With a round surface, it can also change the sports positioning watch into an elegant mechanical surface.
On the surface part of the imported photos, eight different styles are provided, and the presentation styles are also quite diverse. As long as the pictures in the mobile phone album are inserted, the customized surface can be completed.
APP can also directly adjust the sport mode like a watch. Here, 117 sport modes are listed at once, there are really enough…


From the aspect of appearance and function, it is not difficult to see that the strategy of Xiaomi Mi Watch Sports Edition is actually similar to that of Realme Watch S Pro. Both are round watches with a higher-end appearance and specifications, and they are equally competitive. Price and specifications design, basically GPS, blood oxygen and heart rate are already considered a good smart watch. The valuable thing about the sports version of the Mi Watch should be in 117 sports modes and the corresponding Sport shortcut buttons

Compared with the realme Watch S Pro, the Xiaomi Mi Watch Sports Edition has a price advantage of about 700 yuan; the specifications of the two are almost the same, and the sports mode of the Xiaomi Mi Watch Sports Edition has a lot more; but in terms of the appearance of the texture, Realme Watch S Pro has an extra bezel and a metal hairline case, which should be a plus for friends who care about texture. How to choose such a spread? It depends on what you want.

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